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An attack done from the ground to strike a player jumping in
Doing certain moves to purposely trick an opponent into an attack
The delay between a character blocking a move and being able to attack again
The act of rapidly inputting a motion for a move while in the middle of a combo or another move
Random and unpredictable controller motions, often employed by novices
The act of breaking out of one move by inputting a new move mid-animation, allowing for new combos
The tiny amount of damage a character may take from blocking certain moves
Jumping over an opponent to strike from both left and right, making it hard to know where to block
A rapid movement back and forth, usually accomplished with a directional double-tap
The act of using the best ground-based attacks to hit your opponent while maintaining safe distance
An attack or technique that breaks through an opponent's block
The amount of time it takes you to recover after being hit by an attack
A combo that is impossible to break once started, usually patched out by developers later on
A combo in which the character is struck multiple times in midair before hitting the ground
Using an assortment of different attacks to make your offense difficult to predict
In a team-based game, defeating your opponent with just one fighter
A quick, low-damage attack, usually done to interrupt an opponent's moves
The tendency of a move to strike an opponent before the opponent's move can strike first
The amount of time it takes a character to return to normal stance after landing an attack
A win achieved by knocking an opponent out of the arena
An offensive strategy of charging in, placing pressure on an opponent with constant attacks
A player who is inexperienced, refuses to learn from their mistakes, and complains often
Fireball, dragon punch, and repeat
A fiendishly difficult fighting game boss, with abnormally cheap attacks
A high-powered attack that spends a special energy gauge to use
A move whose purpose is only to mock and enrage your opponent
Successfully escaping from an opponent's throw attempt
A defensive strategy of crouching and blocking for most of the match, only attacking as a counter
The time a character spends getting up from a knockdown, often prior to a rising attack
The act of using constant mid-range attacks or projectiles to keep your opponent away
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