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1. Who is the protagonist of the Dead Space trilogy?
2. These mutant monsters are spawned from dead tissue.
3. They are drawn by these ancient, mind-controlling artifacts.
4. In DS1, the shuttle Kellion is sent to investigate the lifeless mining vessel, _____.
5. Which mines resources from a world's core, in a process known as:
6. It is adrift above this colony world:
7. To survive the vacuum of space, you wear an armored pressurized suit known as a:
8. Enemies or moving objects can be temporarily slowed or held in place with the use of:
9. Objects can be picked up and thrown with the use of:
10. Name the arsenal: A handheld cutting laser with a barrel that can align horizontally or vertically.
11. Name the arsenal: A gun that shoots wide, powerful slicing beams from racks.
12. Name the arsenal: A gun with a kinetic sawblade that can hover in place or be shot at enemies.
13. In DS1, Isaac is searching for his girlfriend, _____.
14. What is the name of the Marine ship that crashes into the Ishimura?
15. Throughout the trilogy, Isaac is hounded by a dangerous cult known as the Church of _____.
16. Who believe in the day of _____, when all will become one.
17. Who is the leader of the Circle of this cult, revealed in DS3?
18. DS2 takes place aboard this massive space station.
19. It is built into a fragment of one of Saturn's moons. Which one?
20. What leading group was behind the attempt to create a new Marker in DS2?
21. In DS2, you make your escape with the help of this CEC pilot:
22. This unstable mental patient gives some insight into Isaac's hallucinations.
23. Name the arsenal: A gun firing metal spears that can be electrified.
24. Name the arsenal: A close-range blaster that fires powerful concussive blows.
25. Name the arsenal: A weapon that lays laser trip mines for pursuing enemies.
26. In DS3, Isaac reluctantly partners with this soldier:
27. They travel to a world that may be the source of the Marker signals, the planet ______.
28. These necromorphs latch onto their prey with powerful tendrils that burst from their back.
29. These necromorphs eat away armor by spewing corrosive goo.
30. These massive necromorphs have armor plating that must be shot away before they can be harmed.
31. Aboard the Marines' ship in DS1, you can play a zero-gravity game known as:
32. In DS2, you must defeat this AI program before activating the Solar Array:
33. In DS3: Awakened, the Cult Leader gathers tributes from his followers by severing their:
34. At the end of DS1, you battle a massive necromorph called the:
35. Repeatedly in DS2, you are pursued by a vicious three-legged necromorph called a:
36. All ships traveling to other solar systems require the use of an engine called a:
37. The first letter of each chapter title in DS1 spells out a message. That message is:
38. What developer makes the Dead Space series?
39. What publisher produces the series?
40. There's always ____!

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