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Where is the 'Focus Band' found in generation two?
How much money can a 'Choice Scarf' be sold for?
What is the maximum PP of the move 'Dragon Pulse'?
If Kanto's landscape were made to fit that of modern-day Japan, Tokyo would occupy the space of which Pokemon city?
Who is the gym leader with the lowest levelled Pokemon the first time round?
Which city is the only one that has two Pokemon Centers?
Name a way to get out of 'Glitch City' In Kanto.
What is the Japanese name of the 'Elite Four'?
Complete this quote from gym leader Volkner: 'You methodically corner me! Just like...'
What is the nickname of the traded Skitty from Fortree City?
On which route in Hoenn does Steven Stone give the player the 'Devon Scope'?
How much base power does the move 'Sludge' have?
Name a Pokemon that is not a poison type which can have 'Sticky Hold' as its ability.
If one were to draw lines to connect the lakes of Sinnoh, what shape would be formed?
What is the name of the female Team Rocket Executive in Johto?
Where can Giovanni be found in generation four?
How many legendary Pokemon did Sinnoh introduce?
Jolteon and Glaceon have fur as sharp as...
Fearow has a red '_____' on its head?
Who says: 'Even though I was defeated, I won't change my course'?

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