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A giant Pokemon from 'Pokémopolis' in the anime
Latios' signature move
How many legs does Ariados have?
Koga's highest level team in the player's first battle with him is in which game?
Which type of Pokeball in the games is unobtainable without cheating?
In the anime, which Pokemon did Ash travel with, ending up in the ownership of Sabrina?
What is the name of the cave that connects Kanto and Johto?
Volkner hands out which gym badge to victorious challengers?
The Champion of the Ruby and Sapphire games (first and last name)
Ash's Pikachu lost him his Hoenn league chance to which Pokemon?
Which other Pokemon along with Wailord is required to open the 'Sealed Chamber' in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald?
In game play, when a stat is raised by one stage, what percentage is it raised by?
What is the maximum happiness number a Pokemon can have?
On the SS Anne in Kanto, your rival has which Pokemon at a level which it cannot legally be obtained?
The Pokemon Solrock has how many spines?
The chance of finding a shiny Pokemon in the games is a one in what chance?
The Pokemon Unown's shape is determined by its what?
The Pokemon Regice has how many yellow dots on its face?
Which move along with 'Struggle' cannot be sketched by Smeargle?
How much money can a 'Reaper Cloth' be sold for in the games?

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