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Questioned the concept of 'mental illness', arguing diagnosis is merely social control
Conducted an adoption study and found 10% of children from schizophrenic parents developed the disorder themselves
Argued that drugs are not effective for every Schizophrenic: 30% do not respond to antipsychotics
Formed the basis of the main form of CBT: identify triggers to episodes and adopt coping strategies
Identified issues in classifying Schizophrenia, namely that during the 1930s 80% of mental patients were diagnosed with Schizophrenia in the USA, while only 20% were in the UK
Devised the model stating that Schizophrenia is an ability to tell the difference between stored knowledge and new sensory input
Found a 48% concordance rate for MZ twins
Conducted twin studies using strict diagnostic criteria, including the Maudsley Twin Register, and found a 26.5% concordance rate for MZ twins
Devised a form of Cognitive Therapy: by directly challenging negative/irrational beliefs about the self, resultant negative symptoms may be alleviated
Used PET scans to show reduced blood flow to the frontal lobes in Schizophrenics
Conducted postmortem studies and found that schizophrenics have between 60-110% denser dopamine receptors
Devised the model stating that Schizophrenia is an inability to distinguish between the conscious and preconscious
Found schizophrenics who had never been treated with drugs had twice the density of dopamine receptors
Suggested 2 types of schizophrenia, either genetic or neurodevelopmental

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