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Provided evidence for the phonological loop using the word length effect
Constructed the Working Memory Model
Examined the effects of misinformation on EWT, creating the false memory of a barn
Devised the digit span technique to measure STM capacity
Created the Multi-Store Model
Studied LTM duration by testing high school graduates' ability to recall former classmates
Studied STM duration using Trigrams, with delaying tactics between learning and recall
Examined consequentiality and found EWT improved when participants thought their evidence mattered
Demonstrated the wording of a question can affect EWT, by asking 'how fast were the cars going when they...'
Found evidence for schema in EWT using a shoplifting scenario
Examined the effect of anxiety on EWT by showing participants footage of a boy being shot in the face
Found evidence for Sensory Memory, using a stimulus of 12 letters flashed up briefly
Provided evidence for visuo-spatial sketchpad by asking participants to visualise a block capital letter while tracking a beam of light at the same time
Came up with Chunking, and the idea that the average person can hold 7 +/-2 items in STM
Used free recall tasks to provide evidence for a distinction between STM and LTM
Found further evidence for Schema in EWT using preconceptions about a bank robbery
Used acoustically and semantically similar/dissimilar words to suggest that LTM uses semantic coding
Found that age of witness can affect testimony: children absorbed post-event information from a science demonstration
Did a case study on KF, who suffered a motorcycle accident and as a result suffered damage to his STM, but not LTM
Examined STM encoding using acoustically similar/dissimilar letters
Developed the Cognitive Interview Technique

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