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I love hitmen. No matter what you do to them, you don't feel bad.2005
Which one of you can tell me the difference between an animagus and a werewolf?2004
He was just so charming, and kept saying how I had killer legs, and how he wanted to photograph them, and things just got completely out of hand.1999
I'm not even supposed to be here. I'm just 'Crewman Number Six.' I'm expendable. I'm the guy in the episode who dies to prove how serious the situation is...1999
This famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that Cellar Door is the most beautiful.2001
It was a really awful day. I know, I made sure of it. So pick up the cookie, dip it in the milk, and eat it.2006
He didn't fall? Inconcievable!1987
There is no spoon.1999
Ahh, @#%$ you! I'm sweatin' my ass off draggin' your &*%@in' rope around. Must weigh thirty pounds. 1999
They called me Mr Glass.2000
If you douse me again, and I'm not on fire, I'm donating you to a city college.2008
White, elastic band, constricting. You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of drawers they wear. Like you - granny panties I bet.2002
You're carrying in your left pocket a red ribbon sprayed with her scent. You breathe it in sometimes when you think there's no one to see...2002
Justice is balance. You burned my house and left me for dead. Consider us even.2005
Do you buy all these books retail or do you send away for, like, a shrink kit that comes with all these volumes included?1997
You crossed the line first, sir. You squeezed them, you hammered them to the point of desperation. And in their desperation they turned to a man they didn't fully understand.2008
What is it about bad men? You... my husband. I had so many chances to be happy, so many nice guys. Why can't nice guys be more like you?2006
It wasn't God who gave me this face! It was you, setting the timers for three minutes instead of six.1995
I'm lookin' at your face and I just wanna smash it. I just wanna %^&*in' smash it with a sledgehammer and squeeze it. You're so pretty.2002
Cheeseburger, well done. Raw onion, pickle, ketchup. Nothing else.2003
It's not a question of where he grips it! It's a simple question of weight ratios! A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut.1975
I've about got another 500 quid here. Why don't I just give you all this money, and you tell me what your real name is, Alice.2004
He is not proud. I was wrong, I was entirely wrong about him. You don't know him, Papa. If I told you what he's really like, what he's done.2005
When you want to insert a nail into a piece of wood you don't do anything fancy or glamorous. Just take the damn hammer and hit the son of a bitch till it's in.1998
You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?1994
Oh come on. Oh, there he goes off to his room to write that hit song 'Alone in my principles.'1996
Yeah! It's lightningy! We gotta do that again! Okay, when the next storm comes, we'll go up on the roof... I know what this needs! Saffron. A little saffron would make this!2007
You've never seen her in her whipped-cream bikini?1999
You probably heard we ain't in the prisoner-takin' business; we in the killin' Nazi business. And cousin, Business is a-boomin'.2009
If I could be half the human being Bob is at the cost of being a poof, I'd have to think about it. Not for very long, but I'd have to pause.2008
I wouldn't say I've been missing it, Bob.1999
Great police work, really brilliant! Why don't they just put up a sign that says 'Don't come back!'2002
I know. I know you can fight, but it's our wits that make us men.1995
... for tonight, we dine in hell!2006
These walls are funny. First you hate 'em, then you get used to 'em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them. That's institutionalized.1994
I don't need a doctor, damnit, I AM a doctor!2009
I have been told that the best crackers in the world can do this under 60 minutes but unfortunately I need someone who can do this under 60 seconds.2001
Well, this country is becoming a haven for criminals so what do you expect? You know, decent hard-working Americans like my dad are getting rubbed out by social parasites.1998
Sandy Plankton? You think I would travel the whole ocean and not know as much as Sandy Plankton? He was a hundred and fifty, not a hundred. 2003
Oh, ho ho! You sly dog! You got me monologuing! I can't believe it...2004
This is a $4,000 sofa, upholstered in Italian silk. It is not just a couch.1999
I was wondering if you might help me. I...I seem to have lost my Congressional Medal of Honor somewhere around here.1999
A man can be an artist... in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Creasey's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece.2004
He's smiling. You like that idea? See they love black toe in this country.2003
Oh, yes sir. Bit me right in the buttocks. They said it was a million dollar wound, but the army must keep that money 'cause I still haven't seen a nickel of that million dollars.1994
His name is Robert Paulsen.1999
Take a look at what I'm wearing, people. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys? Forget about it.2004
Who? Who is but the form following the function of what and what I am is a man in a mask.2005
No, no, it's all right, he's just killing my alligator bags and shooting holes in my suits. Man, that's just MEAN. That's MEAN, man.1999

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