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Game 1Combined GameGame 2
One of the first big RPGs and a pioneer in the field. First released on the Sega Master System in the US in 1988The first 3 dimensional game released on the SNES in 1993 with characters including a falcon, a rabbit, and a toad
A fantasy RPG created by Bioware which won the Best RPG of 2009 award at the Spike Video Game AwardsA history based RTS released on the PC in 1997
It was the 3rd major MMO to be released. The user chooses their character from one of four races. Released in 1999 for the PCA first person shooter set in WWII created by Infinity Ward in 2004
One of the first major MMOs also created in 1999. The user could choose from one of 13 classes of character to be. Created by 989 StudiosThe first RPG for the Nintendo 64 in the US, published by THQ in 1998
A game where the user acts as god over villages across several islands. Developed by Lionhead Studios and released in 2001Released in North America in 2010, is an RPG created by Level-5 for the PS3
The real sequel to Goldeneye 007 released on the N64 in 2000. Has just recently been ported to the XBLAA medieval fantasy based MMORPG that revolves around war between 3 realms following King Arthur's rule. Released in 2001
A music video game developed by Harmonix and released in 2005A fantasy turn based strategy game developed by New World Computing and released in 1995
A platforming game released by Activision for the Atari 2600 in 1982. Has sold more than 4 million copies.A post-apocalyptic RPG published by Interplay in 1997
A vehicular combat game for the Playstation released in 1995. Some of the characters include Sweet Tooth, Warthog, and OutlawA stealth action video game published by Konami in 1998 for the Playstation
The expansion to a futuristic RTS which though it was released in 1998 is still played competitivelyA third person shooter for the Playstation 3 released in 2007 and a remake of a launch title for the Playstation, of the same name.
A survival-horror RPG for the Playstation released in 1998An MMORPG released in 2003 by CCP Games where players pilot customizable ships in over 7500 star systems
A co-op FPS against Zombies for the Xbox 360 and PC in 2008A fighting game first released for arcade in 1996 but later released on Sega Saturn and Playstation that relies on its speed and counter system
An RPG released for the Playstation in 1998 thats plot is based on the main character's memory loss and the struggle between man and machineA third person shooter developed by Epic Games and released on the Xbox 360 in 2006
An arcade game released in 1980 where a player must defend 6 cities from attackAn RTS released for the PC by Westwood Studios in 1995
A futuristic RTS released in 1999 and developed by Relic Entertainment for the PCAn MMO developed by Blizzard and released in 2004 - need I say more?
Game 1Combined GameGame 2
A futuristic RTS released in 2007 where players use complex strategies to do large scale warA series of platformers in which the user plays an episode of the full series. Released for MS-DOS
A survival-horror video game developed by EA and released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008An arcade game released in 1978 where a person pilots a ship to shoot alien ships
A game released in 1998 for the N64 where the player must stop invading aliens from slaughtering humans within a shielded areaA simulation RPG where the player controls a farm. Released on the SNES in 1996
The first of a hugely popular RPG series released on the Game Boy in 1996An FPS released in 2001 for the PS2 and PC where the person controls a miner on Mars who leads a rebellion against the Ultor Corporation
A science-fantasy RPG released for the Nintendo DS in North America in 2007 where the user controls 2 characters to battle undead enemiesMore popularly known by its acronym, this RPG was released by Bioware for both the Xbox and PC in 2003 based on one of the biggest sci-fi franchises
An RPG released in North America in 1994 for the SNES which takes place in the years following a great civil war between the Light and Dark Dragon clansA fantasy based tactical RPG for the GBA in 2003. It is the 7th game in the series.
The expansion released in 2001 to the 2nd of a series of dark-fantasy themed action RPGsA game based on the real life sport of the same name released in 1995 on the Playstation where players smash their cars into each other for points while racing around a stock car track
An action game released on the PS2 in 2001 where the main characters fight demons and eventually the demon lord MundusA sci-fi FPS where the user battles aliens. Received much hype due to its high detailed graphics. Released on the PC in 2007
A fantasy RPG released on the Xbox 360 in 2007 in North America where 5 friends journey across a kingdom to confront an evil kingThe name it's known by in Japan (and given to its sequels in North America). It's an RPG originally released in 1986 for the NES
The first of a series of games featuring an anthropomorphic dog and a rabbit character that are freelance police. Originally released for DOS in 1993A motorcycle game in which players race and attempt to knock other racers off their bikes in races for money. Originally released on the Genesis in 1991
A tactical RPG released in North America in 1998 for the Playstation in which a player played a character doing battles behind the scenes during The Lion WarA tactical RPG released in North America in 1998 on the Playstation where the user controls an army to free the people from tyranny
A racing game developed by Acclaim and released in 2001 on the PS2 noted for over the top crashes and high risk mechanicsA racing game where the player drives himself and his girlfriend in a Ferrari Testarossa convertible. Released in the arcade in 1986
An action-adventure game released in 2005 for the PS2 where the user controls a character to take revenge on Ares the Greek god.A fantasy based RTS where the user can control up to 3 heroes and an army. Released in 2002 for the PC
A side-scrolling beat-'em-up released in 1991 for the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis where the user controls a character to fight a secret crime syndicate and keep the streets safeThe third installment of an arcade style racing game for the Playstation which allowed upgrades to the vehicles the user had purchased. Released in 1997 in North America
A 4 instrument widely popular music game with many downloadable songs. Released in 2007 for the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and WiiA tactical turn-based strategy game released for the Xbox LIVE Arcade in 2007 where the user controls insects

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