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Who is the only constant member of the band?
As of 23 June 2014, who is the band's current guitarist?
What is the title of Anthony Kiedis' autobiography?The book shares its name with the Grammy-winning single from 1999's Californication.
Where did Anthony Kiedis and Flea meet?All four original members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers attended Fairfax.
In 'Mellowship Slinky in B Major', Anthony Kiedis speaks of three authors. Name one.The three authors spoken of in the song include Mark Twain, Charles Bukowski, and Truman Capote.
What did Anthony Kiedis and Dave Navarro do toward the end of the music video of 'Warped'?This prompted a wave of backlash against the band, primarily from its college fanbase.
What sort of guitar did John Frusciante use when playing 'Californication'?This guitar is one of John Frusciante's most expensive in his collection, and is only used on a few songs.
What was the band's only #1 single at the time of the release of 'Greatest Hits' that was not included on the album?Of the band's eight #1 singles at the time of release, this was the only one not included, despite other songs from 'By the Way' having a place.
Two new songs were included on 'Greatest Hits'. Name one.The two new songs released as singles were 'Fortune Faded' and 'Save the Population'.
The hit movie 'Say Anything...' included what RHCP song on its eclectic soundtrack?Other artists featured on the soundtrack include Peter Gabriel, Cheap Trick, and Depeche Mode.
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What song on 'Mother's Milk' featured the talents of Hillel Slovak two years after his death?The song also featured drummer Jack Irons two years after his departure from the band.
What other relatively unorthodox instrument does Flea play?Many Chili Peppers songs such as 'Hump de Bump' feature the trumpet as played by Flea.
In what movie did Anthony Kiedis play the son of Sylvester Stallone?He was credited as Cole Dammett for his role in the film.
What is Chad Smith's middle name?No extra information here, just thought it was kinda funny.
The movie 'Beavis and Butt-head Do America' features a Chili Peppers cover of what song?Although the song was successful as a single, it was never released in any compilation albums, as it was released through Geffen Records, not Warner Bros. Records.
What is the Chili Peppers' longest running song?This expletive-ridden ballad clocks in at 8:17, and is also a fan favorite at concerts.
What is the first RHCP single chosen to be a single by the fans?This song was chosen by fans in Brazil to become a radio-only single, the first and only song in the RHCP repertoire to hold such a distinction.
What Nobel laureate has become a good friend of Anthony Kiedis following a visit to India in the late 1990s?The Chili Peppers have performed numerous times at concerts supporting Tibetan Independence following their chance meeting.
What 'Stadium Arcadium' song features a spoken word poem written by Anthony Kiedis at the end?This poem also ends the album, as Death of a Martian is the Grammy-winning album's final track.
What did Flea cite as the only reason he did not quit the band following the release of 'By the Way'?Flea could not bring himself to tell his best friend that he wished to leave the band. As such, he talked out his troubles with John and stayed in the band.

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