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I'm packed and 2
I'm smiling,2
She's golden,4
She says4
ovation, her2
She comes around and5
And I make her smile, like a3
Do ever what you3
coming over you, keep on smiling what3
One stop6
And I speak to you6
Chop another line6
Come on like a5
We give them the3
She said4
To get me through this5
Baby, baby, 4
I'm not listening when you say1
The sky was gold3
I was taking sips of it3
And I wish I could get back there, some place2
Smiling in the pictures you would take3
Will lift you up3
It wont stop, I won't2
I keep stock with the3
A bump for the drop and4
I took the hit that3
Then I bumped again, then3
She said 6
the place where I fell3
How do I get myself back to the place where you said [Chorus]0
I believe in the4
The beach gives a feeling, an2
I believe in the faith that grows, and the7
When I'm with you I feel like I could die and that4
All right, and when the plane came in, she4
The velvet, it rips in the city,2
On the urge to feel alive, but now4
those days you were wearing3
You're the priestess3
Those little red panties4
Slides up around the belly5
One, and 3
and we're1
Still it's all that I want to do, just a2
I feel myself heavy on the ground6
No no, and I won't4
She's got her jaws now5
But nothing is all right2
I want something else5
Life, baby, baby4
Not listening when you say1

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