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shortcut problem solving method
step by step strategy guaranteeing solution
predict an event based on how well it fits the prototype
predict an event based on how easily an example can be brought to mind
mental grouping of an item based on shared similarity
best example of a concept
only notice information that supports our hunch
hindrance to problem solving
tendency to think of things in their only in their usual function
tendency to approach a problem in same way
overestimating the likelihood that you are correct
the way an issue is presented can have a major effect on judgment
your beliefs distort your way of thinking
tendency to stick with original idea no matter what
the smallest distinctive sound unit
the smallest unit that carries meaning
rules for combining words into grammatically sensible sentences
set of rules by which we derive meaning
we learn language
believes our brains are born wired with language capabilities
our language determines what we can be aware of or think about
belief that that odds of a chance event increase if the event hasn’t occurred recently

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