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obedience experiment
stanford prison experiment
bystander experiment
robber's cave experiment
conformity experiment
affiliation experiment
blaming error
If you believe it, you'll be it
only seek info that supports your hunch
you deserve what you get
a little bit leads to a lot
conflict between thought and behavior
solution to above conflict
mimicing others' behavior
gain approval or avoid disapproval
willingness to accept other's opinion on reality
presence of others affects performance
exert less energy with others
loss of sense of identity
strengthening of group's opinion through discussion
self-censoring one's ideas in group
power of a few in a group to exert influence
unjustifiable attitude toward group
generalized belief about a group
unjustifiable behavior toward a group
belief in superiority of a race
tendency to favor one's group
prejudice offers outlet for blame
good people are rewarded bad people punished
frustration leads to anger = aggression
good of whole versus self
like something more you are around it
physical and emotional attraction
true, deep affection
more people = less help
maximize benefit and minimize costs
help someone who helps you
people will help those dependent upon them
shared goals between two groups

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