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a balanced internal state
even in a state of homeostasis, we still seek stimulation
stimuli lure or repel us to behave
We get hungry, we eat
all behavior is to increase our chances of survival/reproduction
5 levels, top is self-acutalization
hormone produced by fat cells
 hunger-arousing hormone secreted by an empty stomach
blood sugar energizes body
hormone secreted by the hypothalamus
hormone in digestive tract
brain area - hunger on switch
brain area - hunger off switch
weight thermostat
eating disorder including dieting and starvation
eating disorder including overeating and purging
application of psychology in the workplace
sexual response cycle in order
I am happy because I am smiling
I am happy because I am smiling and I feel happy too
includes a cognitive appraisal of emotion
your arousal system
your calming system
we perform our best when our level of arousal is optimal
region of dopamine in frontal lobe
If you are already physiologically aroused then you will have a higher response to a new emotional event
releasing aggressive energy through action or fantasy reduces anger
people’s tendency to be helpful when they are already in a good mood
self-perceived satisfaction with one’s own life
we judge stimuli relative to whatever we have previously experienced
the perception that we are always worse off to whomever we compare ourselves to
stages of General Adaptation Syndrome in order

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