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DescriptionPerson / People
Spike through frontal Lobe
Operant Conditioning - Dog
Geese imprinting
Attachment (monkey studies)
Beahviorism (Little Albert)
Founder Trait Theory
Cognitive Therapy
I created inkblots!
Obedience studies
Hierarchy of Needs
Rehearsal = retention
Inferiority complex
Observational Learning (bobo doll)
I am happy because I am smiling!
Developed first IQ test
Triarchic Theory
Created Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test
16 PF
language aquistion is innate
Bystander effect
Multiple Intelligence Theory
strange situation
Archetypes and collective unconscious
REM sleep
Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy
8 stages of psycho-social development
Absolute Threshold
Cognitive Dissonance
Taste Aversion
Psychoanalytic theory
Split brain
first psych lab in the US in 1883
Activation-Synthesis Theory
Just-Noticable Difference
DescriptionPerson / People
Sex Researcher
Stages of Moral Development
Stages of Grief
Memories are not localized
False Memories
Sexual Response Cycle
Need For Achievement
Marshmallow experiment
Stages of Cognitive Development
Classical conditioning involves cognitive processing
Humanistic Perspective
Self-fulfilling Prophecy
Locus of Control
Need for Affiliation
Learned Helplessness
General Adaptation Syndrome
Operant Conditioning (pigeons)
Intelligence = g
Split Brain (original researcher)
Law of Effect
Social influence on cognitive development
Father of modern psychology
Arousal Theory and performance
Founder of functionalism.
Founder of structuralism.
Long-term potentiation
Producing speech
Facial expressions
Superordinate Goals
Understanding spoken language
Hypothesis of Linguistic Relativity

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