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Can you name the Ancient Egyptian Sites according to facts?

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Site of unfinished Pyramid (of Kaba?)
Site of the Bent Pyramids
'Aegean' Middle Kingdom vase discovered here
Findspot for predynastic incense burner
Site of Sekhemkhet's 'Buried Pyramid'
Old Kingdom administrative papyri findspot
Nome of Djehutyhotep
Site of many Middle Kingdom Saff Tombs
'Whitewall', the first capital of Egypt
Nubian fortress with fortified Nile corridor
Site of Kitchener's Botanical Gardens and the 'Famine Stela' of Djoser
Capital city of the Hyksos
Only surviving Old Kingdom Fort
Rosetta stone discovered here
Site of Sanakht's brick mastaba (Dynasty III)
Ankhtifi and Khnumhotep were buried here
Modern Tel al-Hisn
Birthplace of Manetho
Site of the Tomb of Harkhuf (Dynasty VI)
Akhenaten's capital
The only known statue of Khufu was found here
Site of Dynasty XI temple to Montu
Site of unfinished Dynasty XII Pyramids
Site of Painted Tomb T100; Hawk City
Site of the Pyramid of Djedefre
Site of Niussere's Sun Temple
Site of the tomb of Psusennes I
The 'enclosure of the Boss'
Ancient 'Neni-nesu'
Nubian Fortress of Senwosret III
Fortress of Khasekhemwy at Abydos (Dynasty 2)

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