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YearBand NameClue
1980Or like Grandad for that matter
1981'Don't you want me' course you do!
1982These Italians are romantic
1983Acapelo song for 'Only You'
1984First of 3 number ones for the same song
1985A Welsh 'Merry Christmas Everyone'
1986This girl is small or 'Reet Petite'
1987This song is 'Always on my mind'
1988Very christmassy christmas song
1989Its for 'Charidy' again!
1990Back again for another shocker
1991Surprised she had time to prepare speech
1992She always had her bodyguard handy
1993Noel was happy for his mate
1994Wish these lads had 'Stay AAnother Day'
YearBand NameClue
1995The song for the earth
1996First of 3 consecutive for these girls
1997We've all had 'Too Much' of these now
1998Opposite of Hello
1999Dreaming of 4 seasons in the sun
2000Men Behaving Badly meets Tommy Walsh
2001Take that now solo / skippy
2002Thank god these girls came above ground
2003Donnie Darko would be proud
2004Good Cause Record
2005First of the X Factor production line.
2006She deserved her 'Moment Like This'
2007'When You Believe' your career is in ruins
2008Oh 'Hallelujah' another X Factor No.1
2009A bit angry for christmas

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