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Can you name the preserved steam locomotives in the NRM?

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Number & ClassName
None, Built in 1829 by Foster Rastrick & Co.
None, Built in 1837
None, Replica (Brown & Gold, BG), Initials 'ID'
None, Replica (Brown & Gold, BG), Initials 'NS'
None, Replica (Blue & Brown)
None, LNWR, Built at Crewe (NG)
None, Built in 1813-1814
None, Built in 1829 by Robert Stephenson
None, Replica (Yellow & White)
None, Replica (Yellow & White), Part Sectioned
None, Built in 1829 by Timothy Hackworth
None, Replica (Teal & Yellow)
None, Built in 1868 (BG)
None, L&YR, Built at Horwich Works (NG)
1, Shropshire & Montgomery Railway
1, Built by Andrew Barclay & Sons
1, Stockton & Darlington Railway
2, Built by Black, Hawthorn & Co. Ltd.
3, Furness Railway 3/ A2
5, Wantage Tramway
25, Stockton & Darlington Railway
66, NER 66, LNER X1
80, LTSR 79
82, LB&SCR A1
Number & ClassName
214, LB&SCR B1
506, GCR 11F, LNER D11
790, LNWR Improved Precedent/ Jumbo
850, SR 'LN'
925, SR V/ Schools
990, GNR C1 Klondyke, LNER C2
1572, Built by Avonside Engine Co. Ltd.
1868 (49), GJR/ LNWR
3020, LNWR
3183, Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0ST, WD
3440/ 3717, GWR 3700/ City
4003, GWR 4000/ Star
4073, GWR 4073/ Castle
4468, LNER A4
4472, LNER A1/ A3
4771, LNER V2
6000, GWR 6000/ King
6229, LMS Princess Coronation
9629, Sentinel Locomotive
30777, LSWR N15, SR King Arthur
34051, SR Battle of Britain
35029, SR Merchant Navy, Part Sectioned
70013, BR Standard 7
92220, BR Standard 9F

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