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Which engine was brought back to life in Thomas and the Magic Railroad?
What was Sir Handel's original name on the Mid Sodor Railway?
How many wheels does the tank engine named Oliver have?
Which engine operates on battery electric power?
Which engine usually hauls the coach named Henrietta?
What class is Spencer the privately owned sleek engine from?
Which quarry company owns the diesel engine Mavis?
What colour does Thomas have after originally being coloured teal?
What nickname does the engine named Diesel have?
What words appear on 'Arry and Bert's sides in white?
What nickname does the engine named Stephen have?
What train does Percy often pull, frequently at night?
What are the names of the yellow mischievous twins?
What is the name of the dark green tank engine with glasses?
Which Skarloey Railway engine has the number 6?
What name does Diesel 10's hydraulic claw have?
What number does Charlie, a purple tank engine, have?
Which constituent country of the UK did Donald and Douglas come from?
What year was Skarloey, a narrow gauge saddle tank engine, built in?
Which year was Emily, a Stirling Single engine, introduced in?
What are the names of Thomas' two orange-brown coaches?
What are the letters on Duck's and Oliver's sides?
Which country does Hiro originally come from?
Which engine required Welsh coal before being rebuilt?
What type of coaches does Gordon usually haul?
What are Splatter and Dodge's names combined into one?
Which steam engine came to Sodor from France?
Which Steam Team member is numbered 2?
Which Steam Team member is usually red in colour?
Which steam engine was once mistaken for being a diesel engine?

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