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Can you name the Thomas & Friends TV Series Locomotive Characters?

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No. 1 Blue Tank Engine
No. 2 Blue Engine
No. 3 Green Engine
No. 4 Big Blue Engine
No. 5 Red Engine
No. 6 Small Green Saddle Tank Engine
No. 7 Brown Tram Engine
No. 8 Great Western Pannier Tank Engine
No. 9 Scottish Twin Engine
No. 10 Scottish Twin Engine
No. 11 Great Western Tank Engine
Stirling Single Emerald Green Engine
Sodor China Clay No. 1 Yellow Saddle Tank Twin Engine
Sodor China Clay No. 2 Yellow Saddle Tank Twin Engine
Devious Black Engine Shunter
No. D1 Green Diesel Railcar
No. D2 Green Diesel
Ffarquhar Quarry Co. No. 1 Black Diesel
Famous Steam Engine, No. 3440
Famous Steam Engine, No. 4472
Famous Steam Engine, No. 55
Green Diesel seen in Bowled Out, Season 4
No. 1 Narrow Gauge Red Saddle Tank Engine
No. 2 Narrow Gauge Vermilion Well Tank Engine
No. 3 Narrow Gauge Blue Saddle Tank Engine
No. 4 Narrow Gauge Green Saddle Tank Engine
No. 5 Narrow Gauge Orange Diesel
No. 6 Narrow Gauge Amber Well Tank Engine
Mid Sodor No. 1 Brown Tender Engine
Mid Sodor No. 2 Green Well Tank Engine
Sodor Ironworks Twin Diesel, 1st letter A
Sodor Ironworks Twin Diesel, 1st letter B
British Railways Class 17 Green Diesel
Narrow Gauge Dark Brown Tender Engine
Victorian Style Red Purple Steam Engine
Diesel with hydraulic claw named Pinchy
Purple & Grey Twin Diesel
Olive & Grey Twin Diesel
No. 27 Crane Engine
No. 2991 Crimson Diesel
Burgundy LMS Tank Engine
Navy Traction Engine
British Railways Class 9F Orange Tender Engine
LNER Class A4 Silver Tender Engine
Yellow Female Tender Engine
No. 33010 Black Tender Engine
No. 11001 Grey Diesel
Narrow Gauge Railway Double-End Fairlie Engine
Narrow Gauge Yellow Saddle Tank Engine
Lavender Tank Engine
No. 7 Narrow Gauge Grey Tank Engine
Orange Saddle Tank Engine
Dark Green Engine with Glasses
Silver Saddle Tank Engine
Navy Tender Engine with Cowcatcher
Yellow Steam Tram Engine
No. 51 Black Japanese Engine
Narrow Gauge Maroon Cuban Engine
No. 14 Purple Saddle Tank Engine
Misty Island Grey Boiler, Amber Cab Twin Engine
Misty Island Amber Boiler, Grey Cab Twin Engine
Climax Class C Teal Tender Engine
Sentinel Steam Lime Engine
No. 6120 Blue Engine with Water Cannons
Red Road & Rail Fire Engine
Sodor Dieselworks Plum & Yellow Diesel
Sodor Dieselworks Blue-Grey & Orange Diesel
Dark Green Diesel
Red-Orange Diesel
Blue Diesel
No. 1917 Brown Battery Electric Engine
Red Wickham Trolley Track Inspection Vehicle
No. 22 Narrow Gauge Green Irish Tank Engine
Early Yellow, White Funnel Steam Engine (NEW 2013)
Purple & Grey Streamlined Tender Engine (NEW 2013)
Blue Streamlined Tender Engine (NEW 2013)
Narrow Gauge Blue Well Tank Engine (NEW 2013)

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