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Can you name the magic used in The Sims?

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Hint - Positive OutcomeMagic
Comfort and social maxed
Summons a water fountain or a hot tub
All plants and flowers become healthy
Summons many pink flamingos
Gain some skills
Summons a random entertainment object
Summons a pot of gold
Gain a new love interest
Gain a new friend
Gain a relationship with a family member
Turn a Sim into a toad
Improve feelings with another Sim
Bring inanimate objects to life
Improve the moods of a Sim
Turn a Sim into a friend
Remove a Sim from the lot
Make a Sim fall in love
Take control of the mind of a Sim
Turn a Sim into a married partner
Turn a pet into a human Sim
Bring inanimate objects to life - child spell
Improve the moods of a Sim - child spell
Turn a Sim into a friend - child spell
Transform into a beautiful Sim or a monster
Create several plates of food
Cleans dirty plates on the lot
Hint - Positive OutcomeMagic
Become rich with piles of jewels and gold coins
Create positive interactions with other Sims
Become a ghost on the lot
Create a duplicate of yourself
Fully grow plants, fruit and vegetables
Boost your motives
Summon Wally O'Wisp to clean and fix the lot
Become a celebrity superstar
Transform into a creature - child charm
Create cakes - child charm
Create a duplicate of yourself - child charm
Increase hygiene levels - child charm
Transforms a child into an adult - child charm
Create an imaginary friend - child charm
Crystal Clear Ability Rock: Black
Crystal Clear Ability Rock: Blue
Crystal Clear Ability Rock: Green
Crystal Clear Ability Rock: Red
Crystal Clear Ability Rock: Purple
Crystal Clear Ability Rock: White
Crystal Clear Ability Rock: Yellow
Can be climbed to access a secret lot
Flowers that never wilt or die
Decorative growth
Related to mushrooms

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