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What year did Oswald make his first appearance in?
Which short did Oswald first appear in based on release date order?
Which short did Oswald first appear in based on production order?
How many Disney produced silent shorts did Oswald appear in?
What was the last Disney produced silent short that Oswald appeared in?
Who created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for the series of the same name?
Who originally voiced Oswald after the silent shorts?
What animated cartoon show did Oswald replace?
Which company originally distributed Oswald's shorts?
Who succeeded Oswald and his series a year later?
Who became Oswald's girlfriend/ wife from The Banker's Daughter onwards?
Who was Oswald's original love interest before The Banker's Daughter short?
How many Bunny Children does Oswald and his girlfriend/ wife have?
Which comic books/ magazines did Oswald appear in from 1942?
What are the names of Oswald's two surrogate sons in the comics?
Who was Oswald's original enemy in the silent shorts?
Who was Oswald's primary enemy in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two?
Where does Oswald live according to Epic Mickey?
Who provided the voice for Oswald in Epic Mickey?
What device does Oswald use in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two?
What is the title of the third Epic Mickey game that Oswald appeared in?
What part of his body can Oswald fly around with?
What can Oswald do with his body parts such as his legs?
What colour are Oswald's shorts usually portrayed in?
What year did Oswald make a return to Disney ownership?
Who did Disney trade in order to fully own Oswald and the original shorts?
Who initiated the trade so that Disney could fully own Oswald?
Which short released in 2013 did Oswald make a cameo appearance in?
What merchandise did Oswald appear on which involves tools to draw with?
Which Disney Park did Oswald first appear at for meet and greets in 2014?

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