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Can you name the random Hornby locomotives with names?

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Numbers & DescriptionNameCode
None, GWR Class 101, included in the R1046 The Christmas Special train setR2430
None, built in 1829 by Robert Stephenson, painted yellowR796
1. Blue tank engine, lives on the island of Sodor, hauls Annie & ClarabelR351
7. 0-4-0T blue industrial tank engine, shares name with an elephantR355
012. GWR Class 101, included in the R1179 Christmas themed train setR1179
41. LB&SCR A1, shares a name with a road in London, UKR2483
55. LB&SCR A1, has visited the island of Sodor a number of timesR9069
709. GWR Class 101, initials LG, a mythical type of human creatureR1085
925. SR V/ Schools, named after a spa town in Gloucestershire, UKR2827
2001. LNER P2, 2-8-2, operated in Scotland, UKR3207
2509. LNER A4, first built of its class, name has a colour in itR312
3012. GWR Dean Single/ 3031/ Achilles Class, named after GW lettersR2956
4468. LNER A4, world's fastest steam locomotive, named after a duckR2339
4472. LNER A1/ A3, operated on London to Edinburgh serviceR3081
5972. GWR 4900 Hall, a borough of Solihull/ seen in Harry Potter filmsR3169/ R1025
Numbers & DescriptionNameCode
6000. GWR 6000 King, named after a 20th century UK kingR775
6100. LMS RS Class, initials RS, has a bell, painted crimson lake/ maroonR2664
6229. LMS Coronation, streamlined, painted in crimson lake/ maroonR3339
09012. BR Class 09, 0-6-0 diesel shunter, initials DHR2419
34006. SR West Country/ Battle of Britain, named after a Cornish townR3310
34051. SR West Country/ Battle of Britain, named after a British PMR3300
50046. BR Class 50, named after a warship & a mythical Greek heroR3264
56025. CR 264 & 611/ BR 0F, name graffitied on saddle tankR3064
60163. LNER Peppercorn A1, new build replica of scrapped classR3060
70013. BR Standard 7/ Britannia, named after a Lord ProtectorR2565
86219. BR Class 86, a mythical bird reborn from its own ashesR360 -LN
92009. BR Class 92, UK composer/ Venetian merchant travellerR289/ R3346
92220. BR Standard 9F, last built steam locomotive by BRR3288
D853. BR Class 43 (I) Warship, named after a propulsion deviceR3282
D1035. BR Class 52, initials WY, a person who cultivates their own landR319

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