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Can you name the attractions at DisneyQuest?

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Using a head-mounted display, fly through Agrabah and find The Genie
Learn how to draw Disney characters with lightpens on computer screens
Drive a bumper car over balls to collect, load your cannon and fire at the other cars
Go down a corkscrew slide leading from the third floor to the first floor
Design and ride your own custom rollercoaster in a simulator
Collect lightning bolts with a joystick controller and defeat Hades
Either drive a rescue vehicle to save astronauts or shoot enemy aliens
Place various images onto backgrounds on an interactive touch screen
Take a picture of yourself and then edit it to appear like cartoons
Rock your controller back and forth to move your pinball on a gigantic screen
Either steer a ship or fire cannons at other ships to destroy them
Create your own song inside a recording booth and purchase it later
Battle against super villains using a laser sword in the comic book world
Design your own toy from parts of other toys and purchase it later
Drive a remote controlled toy truck through a maze to search for treasure
Paddle an inflatable raft down a virtual prehistoric river and avoid dinosaurs

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