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Can you name the random trivia about Blackpool's trams?

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What type of system powered the trams in 1885?
What number did Box tram 40 receive when it was renumbered in the 1920's?
Which 2 Standard trams in number order had lights for the illuminations?
Which 7 Standard trams in number order were preserved?
What number did Standard tram 147 receive temporarily in 2004?
How many Boat trams were built for the Blackpool tramway in 1934?
Which Boat tram has lower body sides than the other Boat trams?
How many Balloon trams were built from new and rebuilt open-top trams?
Which 3 Balloon trams in number order retained roof windows from 1934?
What was the original number of Balloon tram 714?
Which Balloon tram received an ice-cream counter in 1996?
Which Balloon tram first received a Metro livery?
Which Balloon tram was the first of its class to be preserved?
What was the number of the Balloon tram that was scrapped in 2009?
Which Balloon tram first had pods and power doors for platform access?
Which Brush Railcoach tram alongside 631 received an enclosed tower?
Which Brush Railcoach tram received a Metro livery?
What year were the Coronation trams introduced in Blackpool?
Which 2 trams made up the original experimental Twin Set?
What is the name of the Illuminated tram 731?
What number did the Illuminated Rocket tram receive in 1968?
What was the Illuminated Western Train Carriage 734's original class?
What livery did the OMO/ One Man Operated trams first have when built?
What was Jubilee tram 761's post-1968 number when it was a Balloon tram?
Which Balloon tram was rebuilt into an open-top Balloon between 1982-1985?
What was the original number of Centenary tram 648?
What number did the Replica Vanguard receive when rebuilt in 1987?
What is the number of the overhead line works car built in 1992?
Which 4 Balloon trams in number order were rebuilt from 1998 with flat ends?
How many Flexity 2 trams were built for service in 2012?

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