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Can you name these selected major rides of Blackpool Pleasure Beach since 1896?

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Ride InformationMajor RidesYear Opened
First rollercoaster built on Blackpool beachBuilt 1891, closed 1922
Wooden rollercoaster with a picturesque nameBuilt 1907, closed 1933
Wooden rollercoaster with a fabric nameBuilt 1909, closed 1932
Spinning wooden rollercoaster with circular tubsBuilt 1922, closed 1982
Oldest surviving rollercoaster at Pleasure BeachBuilt 1923, extended 1936
Orange rollercoaster formerly known as Roller CoasterBuilt 1933, rethemed 2011
Rollercoaster formerly known as Zipper DipperBuilt 1934, rethemed 2011
Twin track wooden racing rollercoasterBuilt 1935
Wooden rollercoaster with animal vehiclesBuilt 1958
Water ride with brown tree trunk vehiclesBuilt 1967, closed 2006
Steel yellow rollercoaster with a windy nameBuilt 1974, closed 1987
Three track racing rollercoaster with horsesBuilt 1977
Ride InformationMajor RidesYear Opened
Europe's first fully looping rollercoasterBuilt 1979
Water ride rethemed to match 2000 dark water rideOpened 1979, closed 2004
Figure of eight rollercoaster with tent structure later addedBuilt 1980, closed 1997
Dark rollercoaster with universe themeBuilt 1984, closed 2008
First Bobsled rollercoaster built in the UKBuilt 1988
UK's tallest rollercoaster at 213 ft (65 m) at ground levelBuilt 1994
Junior rollercoaster with a clown themeBuilt 1995, closed 2008
Launch tower formerly known as PlayStation: The Ride!Built 1997
Rollercoaster suspended entirely over waterBuilt 1999, relocated 2007
Dark water ride built at a cost of £15 millionBuilt 2000
Junior rollercoaster with a hungry caterpillar themeOpened 2003, closed 2004
Spinning ride with red planes display themeBuilt 2015

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