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Notable for his many marriages, this English king's marital issues became so rampant that he was excommunicated by Pope Paul III and founded the Church of England.Henry VIII of England
Last monarch of the Tudor dynasty, the 'Virgin Queen' saw during her reign the rise of Shakespeare, the great exploits of Sir Francis Drake, and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.Elizabeth I of England
The 'Sun King,' this king of France led his nation to become the leading power of Europe; he also commissioned the construction of the Palace of Versailles.Louis XIV
Founder of the city of St. Petersburg, this Russian ruler vastly expanded his tsardom and formed it into a great world power.Peter the Great
This German-born queen of Russia heralded in a Golden Age for her empire, oversaw the first colonization of Alaska, and was notable for her many affairs.Catherine the Great
His failures to successfully reform France in the early years of his reign led to the onset of the French Revolution, ultimately leading to his and his wife's execution.Louis XVI
The namesake of the Philippines, this Spanish king nevertheless saw the declaration of independence by the Netherlands and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.Philip II of Spain
Though he would lose his nation's major colonial possessions in the Americas, this British king also presided over the eventual defeat of Napoleon many decades later.George III of Great Britain
This king was the last British monarch to personally lead his troops into battle. He was domestically incompetent, however.George II of Great Britain
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The quintessential 'enlightened despot,' this Prussian king was known both for his tactical brilliance and his policies that helped his kingdom become a Great Power.Frederick the Great
Much of this Spanish king (and Holy Roman Emperor's) reign was dedicated to defeating both Protestantism and France in the Italian Wars, as well as the colonization of the AmericasCharles I of Spain (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor)
This Sultan of the Ottoman Empire personally led his armies to great victory in Eastern Europe before finally being stopped during the Siege of Vienna.Suleiman the Magnificent
Ruling alongside her son as Holy Roman Empress of Austria, she saw the loss of the Silesia region to her northern rival; she also passed many educational and economic reforms.Maria Theresa
This Swedish king became a champion of Protestantism in the Thirty Years' War, leading Sweden to many victories before dying at the battlefield of L├╝tzen.Gustavus Adolphus the Great
The brother of Maria Antoinette, this Holy Roman Emperor of Austria attempted to pass many major reforms, almost all of which eventually failed.Joseph II of Austria
'The Great Elector,' this monarch of Brandenburg-Prussia destroyed the myth of Swedish invincibility, while also laying the foundation for his kingdom's proud military tradition.Frederick William I
Though almost all of his reign was plagued by the Great Northern War, this Swedish king experienced early military successes before being shot and killed in Norway.Charles XII of Sweden
This famed king of Poland-Lithuania was pivotal in the Holy League's victory over the Ottoman Turks at the Siege of Vienna.John III Sobieski

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