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What Was Prue Turned Into In Season 2?
To track a Banshee 
What Is The Witches Last Name?
What Is Paige's Last Name?
From her Adopted Parents 
What Is Piper's Husband's Name?
Who Has The Power Of Premenitions?
Her First Power 
Who Turned Into A Vampier?
Because of Cole 
Who Married a Demon?
She Married Him ALMOST Twice 
Who's Baby is Chris?
With Leo 
What is The Sister's Mother's Name?
Who Is Wyatt Matthew Halliwell??
What Is Piper's Club Called?
Power Of Three 
Who Is Part Whitelighter?
Because of Sam 
Who Is Sam?
What Goddess Was Paige Turned Into?
Because She Never Let Her Power consume Her 
Who Played Leslie
Why did Darryl Stop Helping The Sisters?
What Was The First Demon The Power Of Three Vanquished?
Piper's Boyfriend 
Who Got The Power As an Impath From a Cused Demon?
What Is The Name Of Prue's Police Lover?
What Is The Name Of The Whitelighter That Tryed To Kill Wyatt?
Leo's Mentore 
Who Is The Demon Of Fear?

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