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Has a drinking problem
The movie Reid asked Emily to go see
True/False: Alex Blake has been in the show since season 5
The episode in which Hotch is forced to beat Reid
The character of The Reaper was loosely inspired by this famous serial killer
JJ's husband
Assistant that took Elle home in 'The Fisher King, Part 1'
The UnSub in the episode 'Normal'
This person is a technical analyst at the BAU
The episode where Reid is exposed to Anthrax
Who played Elle Greenaway
The meaning of UnSub
Aaron Hotchner's arch nemesis
Name of the episode in which Reid and Prentiss are held hostage
Derek and Elle went to _______ for vacation
Rossi said, 'That's not fun. Trust me,' in reference to...
Is David Rossi Italian?
This person is banned from multiple casinos for his card counting abilities
This person can speak Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, and Italian
'To Hell...And Back' took place here
How many wives has Rossi had?
Where Reid was tortured for 2 days (state)
Hotch damaged his hearing in a(n)...
This person was not a member of the BAU in the Pilot episode
UnSub from the Season 2 finale
True/False: Morgan was bullied growing up
Tobias Hankel is also....
The UnSub's haven in 'Extreme Aggressor'
Something Rossi loves to do
UnSub from the Season 1 finale
Spencer Reid's IQ
Hotch ________ his wife, Haley
The meaning of 'Gideon'
Reid's girlfriend
Hotch's son
Emily's cat
Spencer Reid's addiction (2 possible)
'Hi, my name is Penelope and I do not like ______'
'I never have any _____ _____' (Reid)
The season in which Gideon left
The season in which Prentiss left permanently
Penelope Garcia (nickname)
This person first appeared in the episode 'About Face'
Name of the episode in which Reid kisses Lila Archer
Where Derek Morgan grew up
Where JJ grew up
The girl Billy Flynn kidnaps in 'Our Darkest Hour'
What JJ stands for
The person JJ lost to sucide
Is Emily Prentiss dead?

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