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The Seven Sacraments; Imspiration of the Poet(1593-1655) Baroque Period
A Pilgrimage to Cythera(1684-1721) Rococo
Death of Marat; Death of Socrates; The Oath of Horatti(1748-1825)
Raft of the Medusa(1791-1824) Romanticism
Liberty Leading the People; Death of Sardanapalus(1798-1863) Romanticism
The Gleaners(1814-1875) Barbizon School
Burial at Ornams; The Stone Breakers(1819-1877) Realism
Boulevard des Italiens(1830-1903) Impressionism
Luncheon on the Grass; The Fifer(1832-1883) Impressionism
Statue of Liberty(1834-1904)
Jockeys in the Rain; The Dance Class(1834-1927) Impressionism
Card Players; The Kitchen Table; House of the Hanged Man(1839-1906) Post-Impressionism
The Thinker; The Age of Bronze; The Gates of Hell(1840-1917)
Impression: Sunrise(1840-1926) Impressionism
Luncheon of the Boating Party(1841-1919) Impressionism
The Yellow Christ; Where Do We Come From?(1848-1903) Post-Impressionism
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte(1859-1891) Pointillism
At the Moulin Rouge(1864-1901)
The Green Stripe; Woman with a Hat(1869-1954) Fauvism
Violin and Candlestick(1882-1963) Fauvism/Cubism
Nude Descending a Staircase; Fountain (ready-made)(1887-1968) Dadaism/Cubism

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