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Can you name the Buffy Episodes by Synonym?

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Say Hello to the Underworld's Opening1
the Enchantress1
Do Not Under Any Condition Murder a Young Man at the Initial Rendezvous1
the Marionette Display1
Oracle Damsel1
Difficult Academy2
Preserved Corpse of a Young Woman of Ancient South American Descent2
Decieve Me2
Charmed, Concerned and Confused2
Assassinated by the End of Life2
Expired Male's Celebration3
Paramour's Jaunt3
The Sunrise-to-Sunset in which School Finishes3
the Rough Glow of the Diurnal Period4
Untamed at Cardiac Organ4
A Non-descript Thing that is Cerulean4
So Long, Mid-Western State4
'Edgy' or 'Agitated'4
the Substitute5
By No Means is this Location Similar to Our Dwelling5
I Was Created to Adore Thee5
The Mass of the Planet5
Post Existence6
One More Time, Accompanying Emotion6
Binaryflesh Castle6
Perceiving Magenta6
Burial Place6
Alike Chronology, Alike Location7
Dialogues with Deceased Persons7
Generate the Dark Hours7
Untruths my Procreators Spoke to Me7

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