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DescriptionMovie TitleYear
D.W. Griffith interweaves four stories from different eras in history, tied together by the theme in the title1916
Will George O'Brien kill wife Janet Gaynor to be with girlfriend Margaret Livingston? I'm not saying…1927
Abel Gance takes six hours to tell only part of the tale of a small man with big goals1927
Astronauts travel to the moon, get captured by moon men, then escape and make it home, all in about ten minutes1902
Harold Lloyd turns human fly and dangles from a clock1923
Feat of clay runs amok in Prague1920
In Hitchcock's first 'Hitchcockian' thriller, the man living upstairs is a serial killer…or is he?1927
Charlie Chaplin searches for riches, when he's not eating shoes1925
A robot woman incites a rebellion among oppressed workers, while an earnest man in jodhpurs tries to maintain the peace1927
How many surrealists does it take to slice open an eye?1929
Max Schreck looks like a rat and has a real appetite for blood1922
Friends fight Germans in the air, pick up an Oscar along the way1927
Russian sailors revolt, and there's a slaughter on the stairs in Odessa1925
Buster Keaton tries to catch a train during the Civil War1926
A man with a sleeping disorder creates havoc in a town conspicuously lacking right angles1920
Douglas Fairbanks rides on a flying carpet, but there's no genie1924
Rudolph Valentino wins the love of Agnes Ayres by abducting her1921
Clara Bow earns her nickname1927
It has a chariot race, and even topless women, but no Charlton Heston1925
The title character and his family fight starvation and cold in this early 'documentary'1922

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