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How many Dodo's are there?
What are Connor's college friends called?
Where is the swimming pool where the mososaur eats the lifeguard?
What is the name of the boy who originally owns Rex?
What type of car does Abby drive?
What university does Cutter teach at (season 1)?
What branch of the government does Claudia work for?
Claudia's shirt isn't red, it's...?
What era does the first anomaly go to?
What is on the chain round Connor's neck?
What game is Connor playing when Abby goes to Yoga?
What colour is Abby's yoga mat?
What colour are Cutter's eyes?
What number 'stud' is Connor at 'Abby Maitland's Love Shack'?
Upon the discovery of the anomalies, Lester had planned for every eventuality, up to and including...
How long was Connor initially meant to be staying at Abby's flat for?
What colour do the military men wear?
What's the first creature Cutter encounters?
What does Stephen call the Pteranodon?
What type of golf club is Claudia's weapon of choice against the Pterosaurs?

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