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Can you name the films for which the actress received their Best Supporting Actress Nominations?

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Eva Marie Saint (1954)Edie Doyle*
Diana Scarwid (1980)Louise
Chloe Sevigny (1999)Lana Tisdel
Talia Shire (1974)Connie Corleone
Anne Shirley (1937)Laurel 'Lollie' Dallas
Sylvia Sidney (1973)Mrs. Pritchett
Jean Simmons (1948)Ophelia
LIlia Skala (1963)Mother Maria Marthe
Maggie Smith (1965)Desdemona
Maggie Smith (1986)Charlotte Bartlett
Maggie Smith (2001)Constance Trentham
Maggie Smith (1978)Diane Barrie*
Gale Sondergaard (1946)Lady Thiang
Gale Sondergaard (1936)Faith Paleologus*
Mira Sorvino (1995)Linda Ash*
Ann Sothern (1987)Letitia Benson-Doughty
Octavia Spencer (2016)Dorothy Vaughan
Octavia Spencer (2011)Minny Jackson*
June Squibb (2013)Kate Grant
Kim Stanley (1982)Lillian Farmer
Maureen Stapleton (1958)Fay Doyle
Maureen Stapleton (1970)Inez Guerrero
Maureen Stapleton (1978)Pearl
Maureen Stapleton (1981)Emma Goldman*
Mary Steenburgen (1980)Lynda West-Dummar*
Hailee Steinfeld (2010)Mattie Ross
Jan Sterling (1954)Sally McKee
Emma Stone (2014)Sam Thomson
Beatrice Straight (1976)Louise Schumacher*
Meryl Streep (1978)Linda
Meryl Streep (2002)Susan Orlean
Meryl Streep (2014)The Witch
Meryl Streep (1979)Joanna Stern-Kramer*
Gloria Stuart (1997)Rose Dawson Calvery
Tilda Swinton (2007)Karen Crowder*
Jessica Tandy (1991)Virginia 'Ninny' Threadgoode
Emma Thompson (1993)Gareth Peirce
Uma Thurman (1994)Mia Wallace
Jennifer Tilly (1994)Olive Neal
Meg Tilly (1985)Sister Agnes Devereaux
Marisa Tomei (2001)Natalie Strout
Marisa Tomei (2008)Cassidy
Marisa Tomei (1992)Mona Lisa Vito*
Lily Tomlin (1975)Linnea Reese
Claire Trevor (1937)Francey
Claire Trevor (1954)May Holst
Claire Trevor (1948)Gaye Dawn*
Susan Tyrrell (1972)Oma Lee Greer
Miyoshi Umeki (1957)Katsumi Kelly*
Mary Ure (1960)Clara Dawes
Brenda Vaccaro (1975)Linda Riggs
Jo Van Fleet (1955)Cathy Ames/Kate Trask*
Diane Varsi (1957)Allison MacKenzie
Alicia Vikander (2015)Gerda Wegener*
Julie Walters (2000)Georgia Wilkinson
Lesley Ann Warren (1982)Norma Cassady
Ethel Waters (1949)Dicey Johnson
Lucile Watson (1943)Fanny Farrelly
Jacki Weaver (2010)Janine 'Smurf' Cody
Jacki Weaver (2012)Dolores Solitano
Sigourney Weaver (1988)Katharine Parker
Rachel Weisz (2005)Tess Quayle*
Tuesday Weld (1977)Katherine Dunn
May Whitty (1937)Mrs. Bramson
May Whitty (1942)Lady Beldon
Dianne Wiest (1989)Helen Buckman
Dianne Wiest (1986)Holly*
Dianne Wiest (1994)Helen Sinclair*
Cara Williams (1958)Billy's Mother
Michelle Williams (2005)Alma Beers
Michelle Williams (2016)Randi Chandler
Oprah Winfrey (1985)Sofia Johnson
Mare Winningham (1995)Title Character
Kate Winslet (1995)Marianne Dashwood
Kate Winslet (2001)Title Character
Kate Winslet (2015)Joanna Hoffman
Shelley Winters (1972)Belle Rosen
Shelley Winters (1959)Petronella van Daan*
Shelley Winters (1965)Rose-Ann D'Arcey*
Natalie Wood (1955)Judy
Peggy Wood (1965)Virgilia, Mother Abbess
Alfre Woodard (1983)Beatrice 'Geechee'
Teresa Wright (1941)Alexandra Giddens
Teresa Wright (1942)Carol Beldon*
Margaret Wycherly (1941)Mary Brooks-York
Susannah York (1969)Alice LeBlanc
Renee Zellweger (2003)Ruby Thewes*
Catherine Zeta-Jones (2002)Velma Kelly*

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