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Can you name the films for which the actor received their Best Supporting Actor Nominations?

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George Sanders (1950)Addison De Witt*
Chris Sarandon (1975)Leon Shermer
Telly Savalas (1962)Feto Gomez
Roy Scheider (1971)Detective Buddy 'Cloudy' Russo
Maximilian Schell (1977)Johann
Joseph Schildkraut (1937)Captain Alfred Dreyfus*
Paul Scofield (1994)Mark Van Doren
George C. Scott (1961)Bert Gordon
George C. Scott (1959)Assistant State Attorney General Claude Dancer
George Segal (1966)Nick
Michael Shannon (2016)Detective Bobby Andes
Michael Shannon (2008)John Givings, Jr.
Omar Sharif (1962)Sherif Ali ibn el Kharish
Robert Shaw (1966)Henry VIII of England
Sam Shepard (1983)Chuck Yeager
J.K. Simmons (2014)Terence Fletcher*
Frank Sinatra (1953)Private Angelo Maggio*
Gary Sinise (1994)Lieutenant Dan Taylor
Kevin Spacey (1995)Roger 'Verbal' Kint*
Robert Stack (1956)Kyle Hadley
Sylvester Stallone (2015)Rocky Balboa
Terence Stamp (1962)Title Character
Rod Steiger (1954)Charley 'The Gent' Malloy
James Stephenson (1940)Howard Joyce
Dean Stockwell (1988)Tony 'The Tiger' Russo
Lee Strasberg (1974)Hyman Roth
Robert Strauss (1953)Sergeant Stanislas 'Animal' Kasava
Russ Tamblyn (1957)Norman Page
Akim Tamiroff (1943)Pablo
Akim Tamiroff (1936)General Yang
Billy Bob Thornton (1998)Jacob Mitchell
Rip Torn (1983)Marsh Turner
Lee Tracy (1964)President Art Hockstader
Henry Travers (1942)James Ballard
Stanley Tucci (2009)George Harvey
Tom Tully (1954)Commander DeVriess
Peter Ustinov (1964)Arthur Simon Simpson*
Peter Ustinov (1960)Lentulus Batiatus*
Peter Ustinov (1951)Nero
Robert Vaughn (1964)Chester 'Chet' Gwynn
Jon Voight (2001)Howard Cosell
Erich von Stroheim (1950)Max von Meyerling
Max von Sydow (2011)The Renter
Mark Wahlberg (2006)Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam
Christopher Walken (2002)Frank Abagnale, Sr.
Christopher Walken (1978)Nikonar 'Nick' Chevotarevich*
Christoph Waltz (2012)Dr. King Schultz*
Christoph Waltz (2009)Colonel Hans Landa*
Jack Warden (1978)Max Corkle
Jack Warden (1975)Lester Karpf
H.B. Warner (1937)Chang
Denzel Washington (1989)Private Silas Trip*
Denzel Washington (1987)Steve Biko
Ken Watanabe (2003)Lord Moritsugu Katsumoto
Clifton Webb (1946)Elliott Templeton
Clifton Webb (1944)Waldo Lydecker
James Whitmore (1949)Sergeant Kinnie
Richard Widmark (1947)Tommy Udo
Jack Wild (1968)The Artful Dodger
Gene Wilder (1968)Leo Bloom
Tom Wilkinson (2007)Arthur Edens
Robin Williams (1997)Dr. Sean Maguire*
Chill Wills (1960)Beekeeper
James Woods (1996)Byron De La Beckwith
Monty Woolley (1944)Colonel William G. Smollett
Ed Wynn (1959)Albert Dussell
Burt Young (1976)Paulie Pennino
Gig Young (1969)Rocky Graver*
Gig Young (1958)Dr. Hugo Pine
Gig Young (1951)Boyd Copeland
Roland Young (1937)Cosmo Topper

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