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QUIZ: Can you name the films for which the actress received their Best Actress Nominations?

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Diane Lane (2002)Constance 'Connie' Sumner
Jessica Lange (1982)Title Character
Jessica Lange (1984)Jewell Ivy
Jessica Lange (1985)Patsy Cline
Jessica Lange (1989)Ann Talbot
Jessica Lange (1994)Carly Marshall*
Brie Larson (2015)Joy Newsome*
Piper Laurie (1961)Sarah Packard
Jennifer Lawrence (2010)Ree Dolly
Jennifer Lawrence (2015)Title Character
Jennifer Lawrence (2012)Tiffany Maxwell*
Vivien Leigh (1939)Scarlett O'Hara*
Vivien Leigh (1951)Blanche DuBois*
Melissa Leo (2008)Ray Eddy
Laura Linney (2000)Samantha 'Sammy' Prescott
Laura Linney (2007)Wendy Savage
Carole Lombard (1936)Irene Bullock
Sophia Loren (1964)Filumena Marturano
Sophia Loren (1961)Cesira*
Bessie Love (1928)Hank Mahoney
Ali MacGraw (1970)Jennifer Cavalleri-Barrett
Shirley MacLaine (1958)Ginnie Moorehead
Shirley MacLaine (1960)Fran Kubelik
Shirley MacLaine (1963)Title Character
Shirley MacLaine (1977)Deedee Rodgers
Shirley MacLaine (1983)Aurora Greenway*
Anna Magnani (1957)Gioia
Anna Magnani (1955)Serafina Delle Rose*
Rooney Mara (2011)Lisbeth Salander
Marsha Mason (1973)Maggie Paul
Marsha Mason (1977)Paula McFadden
Marsha Mason (1979)Jennie MacLaine
Marsha Mason (1981)Georgia Hines
Marlee Matlin (1986)Sarah Norman*
Mary McDonnell (1992)May-Alice Culhane
Frances McDormand (1996)Marge Gunderson*
Dorothy McGuire (1947)Kathy Lacy
Maggie McNamara (1953)Patty O'Neill
Janet McTeer (1999)Mary Jo Walker
Melina Mercouri (1960)Ilya
Bette Midler (1979)Mary Rose Foster
Bette Midler (1991)Dixie Leonard
Sarah Miles (1970)Rosy Ryan
Liza Minnelli (1969)Mary Ann 'Pookie' Adams
Liza Minnelli (1972)Sally Bowles*
Helen Mirren (2009)Sophia Tolstaya
Helen Mirren (2006)Queen Elizabeth II
Fernanda Montenegro (1998)Isadora 'Dora' Teixeira
Grace Moore (1934)Mary Barrett
Julianne Moore (1999)Sarah Miles
Julianne Moore (2002)Cathy Whitaker
Julianne Moore (2014)Title Character*
Mary Tyler Moore (1980)Beth Jarrett
Samantha Morton (2003)Sarah Sullivan
Carey Mulligan (2009)Jenny Mellor
Patricia Neal (1968)Nettie Cleary
Patricia Neal (1963)Alma Brown*
Ruth Negga (2016)Title Character
Merle Oberon (1935)Kitty Vane
Ellen Page (2007)Title Character
Geraldine Page (1961)Alma Winemiller
Geraldine Page (1962)Alexandra Del Lago
Geraldine Page (1978)Eve
Geraldine Page (1985)Carrie Watts*
Gwyneth Paltrow (1998)Viola de Lesseps/Thomas Kent*
Eleanor Parker (1950)Marie Allen
Eleanor Parker (1951)Mary McLeod
Eleanor Parker (1955)Marjorie Lawrence
Valerie Perrine (1974)Harriett Jolliff/Honey Bruce
Michelle Pfeiffer (1989)Susie Diamond
Michelle Pfeiffer (1992)Louise Irene 'Lurene' Hallett
Mary Pickford (1928)Norma Besant*
Rosamund Pike (2014)Amy Elliott-Dunne
Natalie Portman (2016)Title Character
Natalie Portman (2010)Nina Sayers*
Luise Rainer (1936)Anna Held*
Luise Rainer (1937)O-Lan*
Charlotte Rampling (2015)Kate Mercer
Lynn Redgrave (1966)Title Character
Vanessa Redgrave (1966)Leonie Delt
Vanessa Redgrave (1968)Title Character
Vanessa Redgrave (1971)Title Character
Vanessa Redgrave (1984)Olive Chancellor
Lee Remick (1962)Kirsten Arnesen Clay
Debbie Reynolds (1964)Title Character
Miranda Richardson (1994)Title Character
Emmanuelle Riva (2012)Anne Laurent
Julia Roberts (1990)Vivian Ward
Julia Roberts (2000)Title Character*
Rachel Roberts (1963)Margaret Hammond
May Robson (1932)Apple Annie
Ginger Rogers (1940)Title Character*
Saoirse Ronan (2015)Eilis Lacey
Diana Ross (1972)Billie Holiday
Gena Rowlands (1974)Mabel Longhetti
Gena Rowlands (1980)Title Character
Rosalind Russell (1942)Ruth Sherwood
Rosalind Russell (1946)Title Character
Rosalind Russell (1947)Lavinia Mannon
Rosalind Russell (1958)Title Character
Winona Ryder (1994)Josephine 'Jo' March

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