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Can you name the films for which the actors received their Best Actor Nominations?

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Fredric March (1951)Willy Loman
Fredric March (1946)Al Stephenson*
Fredric March (1937)Norman Maine
Fredric March (1931)Title Character*
Fredric March (1930)Tony Cavendish
Lee Marvin (1965)Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn*
James Mason (1954)Norman Maine
Raymond Massey (1940)Title Character
Marcello Mastroianni (1987)Romano
Marcello Mastroianni (1977)Gabriele
Marcello Mastroianni (1962)Ferdinando Cefalu
Walter Matthau (1975)Willy Clark
Walter Matthau (1971)Joseph P. Kotcher
Matthew McConaughey (2013)Ron Woodroof*
Ian McKellen (1998)James Whale
Victor McLaglen (1935)Gypo Nolan*
Steve McQueen (1966)Jake Holman
Adolphe Menjou (1930)Walter Burns
Ray Milland (1945)Don Birnam*
Robert Montgomery (1941)Joe Pendleton
Robert Montgomery (1937)Danny
Ron Moody (1968)Fagin
Dudley Moore (1981)Title Character
Frank Morgan (1934)Alessandro, Duke of Florence
Chester Morris (1928)Chick Williams
Viggo Mortensen (2016)Ben Cash
Viggo Mortensen (2007)Nikolai Luzhin
Paul Muni (1959)Dr. Sam Abelman
Paul Muni (1937)Title Character
Paul Muni (1936)Title Character*
Paul Muni (1935)Joe Radek
Paul Muni (1932)James Allen
Paul Muni (1928)James Dyke
Bill Murray (2003)Bob Harris
Liam Neeson (1993)Title Character
Paul Newman (1994)Donald 'Sully' Sullivan
Paul Newman (1986)'Fast' Eddie Felson*
Paul Newman (1982)Frank Galvin
Paul Newman (1981)Michael Colin Gallagher
Paul Newman (1967)Title Character
Paul Newman (1963)Title Character
Paul Newman (1961)'Fast' Eddie Felson
Paul Newman (1958)Brick Pollitt
Jack Nicholson (2002)Title Character
Jack Nicholson (1997)Melvin Udall*
Jack Nicholson (1987)Francis Phelan
Jack Nicholson (1985)Charley Partanna
Jack Nicholson (1975)Randle Patrick 'Mac' McMurphy*
Jack Nicholson (1974)J.J. 'Jake' Gittes
Jack Nicholson (1973)Signalman 1st Class Billy L. 'Badass' Buddusky
Jack Nicholson (1970)Robert Eroice Dupea
David Niven (1958)Major Angus Pollock*
Nick Nolte (1998)Wade Whitehouse
Nick Nolte (1991)Tom Wingo
Edward Norton (1998)Derek Vinyard
Dan O'Herlihy (1954)Title Character
Gary Oldman (2017)Winston Churchill
Ryan O'Neal (1970)Oliver Barrett IV
Peter O'Toole (2006)Maurice
Peter O'Toole (1982)Alan Swann
Peter O'Toole (1980)Eli Cross
Peter O'Toole (1972)Jack Gurney
Peter O'Toole (1969)Title Character
Peter O'Toole (1968)King Henry II of England
Peter O'Toole (1964)King Henry II of England
Peter O'Toole (1962)Title Character
Gary Oldman (2011)George Smiley
Laurence Olivier (1978)Ezra Lieberman
Laurence Olivier (1972)Andrew Wyke
Laurence Olivier (1965)Title Character
Laurence Olivier (1960)Archie Rice
Laurence Olivier (1956)Title Character
Laurence Olivier (1948)Title Character*
Laurence Olivier (1946)Title Character
Laurence Olivier (1940)'Maxim' de Winter
Laurence Olivier (1939)Heathcliff
Edward James Olmos (1988)Jaime Escalante
Al Pacino (1992)Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade*
Al Pacino (1979)Arthur Kirkland
Al Pacino (1975)Sonny Wortzik
Al Pacino (1974)Michael Corleone
Al Pacino (1973)Title Character
Larry Parks (1946)Title Character
Gregory Peck (1962)Atticus Finch*
Gregory Peck (1949)Brigadier General Frank Savage
Gregory Peck (1947)Philip Schuyler Green
Gregory Peck (1946)Ezra 'Penny' Baxter
Gregory Peck (1945)Father Francis
Sean Penn (2008)Title Character*
Sean Penn (2003)Jimmy Markum*
Sean Penn (2001)Title Character
Sean Penn (1999)Emmet Ray
Sean Penn (1995)Matthew Poncelet
Joaquin Phoenix (2012)Freddie Quell
Joaquin Phoenix (2005)Johnny Cash
Walter Pidgeon (1943)Pierre Curie
Walter Pidgeon (1942)Clem Miniver
Brad Pitt (2011)Billy Beane
Brad Pitt (2008)Title Character
Sidney Poitier (1963)Homer Smith*
Sidney Poitier (1958)Noah Cullen
William Powell (1947)Clarence Day, Sr.
William Powell (1936)Title Character
William Powell (1934)Nick Charles
Anthony Quinn (1964)Title Character
Anthony Quinn (1957)Gino

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