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QUIZ: Can you name the films for which the actors received their Best Actor Nominations?

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Clint Eastwood (1992)Willim Munny
Clint Eastwood (2004)Frankie Dunn
Jesse Eisenberg (2010)Mark Zuckerberg
Chiwetel Ejiofor (2013)Solomon Northup
Richard Farnsworth (1999)Alvin Straight
Michael Fassbender (2015)Title Character
Jose Ferrer (1952)Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Comte Alphonse de Toulouse Lautrec
Jose Ferrer (1950)Title Character*
Ralph Fiennes (1996)Count Laszlo de Almasy
Peter Finch (1971)Dr. Daniel Hirsh
Peter Finch (1976)Howard Beale*
Albert Finney (1963)Title Character
Albert Finney (1974)Hercule Poirot
Albert Finney (1983)Sir
Albert Finney (1984)Geoffrey Firmin
Colin Firth (2009)Geore Falconer
Colin Firth (2010)King Georve VI*
Laurence Fishburne (1993)Ike Turner
Barry Fitzgerald (1944)Father Fitzgibbon
Henry Fonda (1940)Tom Joad
Henry Fonda (1981)Norman Thayer, Jr.*
Peter Fonda (1997)Ulysses Jackson
Harrison Ford (1985)Detective Captain John Book
Jamie Foxx (2004)Title Character*
Anthony Franciosa (1957)Polo Pope
James Franco (2010)Aron Ralston
Morgan Freeman (1989)Hoke Colburn
Morgan Freeman (1994)Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding
Morgan Freeman (2009)Nelson Mandela
Clark Gable (1935)Lieutenant Fletcher Christian
Clark Gable (1939)Rhett Butler
Clark Gable (1934)Peter Warne*
Andrew Garfield (2016)Desmond T. Doss
John Garfield (1947)Charlie Davis
James Garner (1985)Title Character
Giancarlo Giannini (1976)Pasualino Frafuso
Dexter Gordon (1986)Dale Turner
Ryan Gosling (2006)Dan Dunne
Ryan Gosling (2016)Sebastian Wilder
Cary Grant (1941)Roger Adams
Gary Grant (1944)Ernie Mott
Alec Guinness (1952)Holland
Alec Guinness (1957)Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson*
Gene Hackman (1988)Agent Rupert Anderson
Gene Hackman (1971)Detective Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle*
Tom Hanks (1988)Josh Baskin
Tom Hanks (1998)Captain John Miller
Tom Hanks (2000)Chuck Noland
Tom Hanks (1993)Andrew Beckett*
Tom Hanks (1994)Title Character*
Woody Harrelson (1996)Title Character
Ed Harris (2000)Title Character
Richard Harris (1963)Frank Machin
Richard Harris (1990)'Bull' McCabe
Rex Harrison (1963)Julius Caesar
Rex Harrison (1964)Professor Henry Higgins*
Laurence Harvey (1959)Joe Lampton
Nigel Hawthorne (1994)Title Character
Charlton Heston (1959)Title Character*
Dustin Hoffman (1967)Benjamin Braddock
Dustin Hoffman (1969)Enrico Salvatore 'Ratso' Rizzo
Dustin Hoffman (1974)Title Character
Dustin Hoffman (1982)Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels
Dustin Hoffman (1997)Stanley Motss
Dustin Hoffman (1979)Title Character*
Dustin Hoffman (1988)Raymond Babbitt*
Philip Seymour Hoffman (2005)Title Character*
William Holden (1950)Joe Gillis
William Holden (1976)Max Schumacher
William Holden (1953)Sergeant J.J. Sefton*
Anthony Hopkins (1993)James Stevens
Anthony Hopkins (1995)Title Character
Anthony Hopkins (1991)Dr. Hannibl Lecter*
Bob Hoskins (1986)George
Leslie Howard (1932)Peter Standish
Leslie Howard (1938)Professor Henry Higgins
Terrence Howard (2005)Djay
Trevor Howard (1960)Walter Morel
Rock Hudson (1956)Jordan 'Bick' Benedict, Jr.
Tom Hulce (1984)Title Character
John Hurt (1980)John Merrick
William Hurt (1986)James Leeds
William Hurt (1987)Tom Grunick
William Hurt (1985)Luis Molina*
Walter Huston (1936)Title Character
Walter Huston (1941)Mr. Scratch
Jeremy Irons (1990)Claus von Bulow*
Hugh Jackman (2012)Jean Valjean
Emil Jannings (1927)Grand Duke Sergius Alexander/August Schilling*
Richard Jenkins (2008)Walter Vale
James Earl Jones (1970)Jack Jefferson
Tommy Lee Jones (2007)Hank Deerfield
Michael Keaton (2014)Riggan Thomson
Gene Kelly (1945)Joseph Brady
Arthur Kennedy (1951)Larry Nevins
Ben Kingsley (2003)Massoud Amir Behrani
Ben Kingsley (1982)Title Character*
Alexander Knox (1944)Title Character
Burt Lancaster (1953)1st Sergeant Milton Warden
Burt Lancaster (1962)Robert Franklin Stroud
Burt Lancaster (1981)Lou Pascal
Burt Lancaster (1960)Title Character*
Frank Langella (2008)Title Character
Charles Laughton (1935)Captain William Bligh
Charles Laughton (1957)Sir Wilfrid Robarts
Charles Laughton (1932)Title Character*
Jude Law (2003)W.P. Inman
Heath Ledger (2005)Ennis Del Mar
Jack Lemmon (1959)Jerry/Daphne
Jack Lemmon (1960)C.C. 'Bud' Baxter
Jack Lemmon (1962)Joe Clay
Jack Lemmon (1979)Jack Godell
Jack Lemmon (1980)Scottie Templeton
Jack Lemmon (1982)Ed Horman
Jack Lemmon (1973)Harry Stoner*
Paul Lukas (1943)Kurt Muller*
Alfred Lunt (1931)The Actor

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