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QUIZ: Can you name the films for which the actors received their Best Actor Nominations?

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F. Murray Abraham (1984)Antonio Salieri*
Casey Affleck (2016)Lee Chandler*
Woody Allen (1977)Alvy Singer
Alan Arkin (1966)Lieutenant Rozanov
Alan Arkin (1968)John Singer
George Arliss (1929)Title Character*
George Arliss (1929)The Raja
Lew Ayres (1948)Dr. Robert Richardson
Christian Bale (2013)Irving Rosenfeld
George Bancroft (1928)Jim Lang
Javier Bardem (2000)Reinaldo Arenas
Javier Bardem (2010)Uxbal
Lionel Barrymore (1930)Stephen Ashe*
Richard Barthelmess (1927)Nickie Elkins/Title Character/Title Character
Alan Bates (1968)Yakov Bok
Warner Baxter (1928)The Cisco Kid*
Warren Beatty (1967)Title Character
Warren Beatty (1978)Joe Pendleton
Warren Beatty (1981)John Silas 'Jack' Reed
Warren Beatty (1991)Title Character
Wallace Beery (1929)Butch 'Machine Gun' Schmidt
Wallace Beery (1931)Andy Purcell*
Roberto Benigni (1998)Guido Orefice
Demian Bichir (2011)Carlos Galindo
Humphrey Bogart (1943)Rick Blaine
Humphrey Bogart (1954)Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg
Humphrey Bogart (1951)Charlie Allnut*
Ernest Borgnine (1955)Title Character*
Charles Boyer (1937)Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
Charles Boyer (1938)Pepe le Moko
Charles Boyer (1944)Gregory Anton
Charles Boyer (1961)Cesar
Kenneth Branagh (1989)Title Character
Marlon Brando (1951)Stanley Kowalski
Marlon Brando (1952)Title Character
Marlon Brando (1953)Mark Antony
Marlon Brando (1957)Major Lloyd 'Ace' Gruver
Marlon Brando (1973)Paul
Marlon Brando (1954)Terry Malloy*
Marlon Brando (1972)Vito Corleone*
Jeff Bridges (1984)Title Character
Jeff Bridges (2010)Reuben 'Rooster' Cogburn
Jeff Bridges (2009)Otis 'Bad' Blake*
Adrien Brody (2002)Wladyslaw Szpilman*
Yul Brynner (1956)King Mongkut of Siam*
Richard Burton (1953)Marcellus Gallio
Richard Burton (1964)Title Character
Richard Burton (1965)Alec Leamas
Richard Burton (1966)George
Richard Burton (1969)King Henry VIII of England
Richard Burton (1977)Martin Dysart
Gary Busey (1978)Title Character
Nicolas Cage (2002)Charlie Kaufman/Donald Kaufman
Nicolas Cage (1995)Ben Sanderson*
James Cagney (1938)Rocky Sullivan
James Cagney (1955)Martin Snyder
James Cagney (1942)George M. Cohan*
Michael Caine (1966)Title Character
Michael Caine (1972)Milo Tindle
Michael Caine (1983)Dr. Frank Bryant
Michael Caine (2002)Thomas Fowler
Louis Calhern (1950)Oliver Wendell Holmes
Steve Carell (2014)John du Pont
Art Carney (1974)Title Character*
Charlie Chaplin (1940)Adenoid Hynkel/The Barber
Don Cheadle (2004)Paul Rusesabagina
Maurice Chevalier (1929)Pierre Mirande/Count Alfred Renard
Montgomery Clift (1948)Ralph 'Steve' Stevenson
Montgomery Clift (1951)George Eastman
Montgomery Clift (1953)Private Robert E. Lee 'Prew' Prewitt
George Clooney (2007)Title Character
George Clooney (2009)Ryan Bingham
George Clooney (2011)Matthew King
Ronald Colman (1942)Charles Rainier
Ronald Colman (1929)Title Character/Michel
Ronald Colman (1947)Anthony John*
Tom Conti (1983)Gowan McGland
Bradley Cooper (2012)Patrizio 'Pat' Solitano, Jr.
Bradley Cooper (2014)Chris Kyle
Gary Cooper (1936)Longfellow Deeds
Gary Cooper (1942)Lou Gehrig
Gary Cooper (1943)Robert Jordan
Gary Cooper (1941)Title Character*
Gary Cooper (1952)Marshal Will Kane*
Jackie Cooper (1930)Title Character
Kevin Costner (1990)Lieutenant John J. Dunbar
Tom Courtenay (1983)Norman
Bryan Cranston (2015)Title Character
Broderick Crawford (1949)Willie Stark*
Bing Crosby (1945)Father Chuck O'Malley
Bing Crosby (1954)Frank Elgin
Bing Crosby (1944)Father Chuck O'Malley*
Russell Crowe (1999)Jeffrey Wigand
Russell Crowe (2001)John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Russell Crowe (2000)Maximus Decimus Meridius*
Tom Cruise (1989)Ron Kovic
Tom Cruise (1996)Title Character
Benedict Cumberbatch (2014)Alan Turing
Tony Curtis (1958)John 'Joker' Jackson
Dan Dailey (1948)'Skid' Johnson
Matt Damon (1997)Title Character
Matt Damon (2015)Mark Watney
Daniel Day-Lewis (1993)Gerry Conlon
Daniel Day-Lewis (2002)William 'Bill the Butcher' Cutting
Daniel Day-Lewis (1989)Christy Brown*
Daniel Day-Lewis (2007)Daniel Plainview*
Daniel Day-Lewis (2012)Title Character*
Robert De Niro (1976)Travis Bickle
Robert De Niro (1978)Michael Vronsky
Robert De Niro (1990)Leonard Lowe
Robert De Niro (1991)Max Cady
Robert De Niro (1980)Jake LaMotta*
James Dean (1955)Cal Trask
James Dean (1956)Jett Rink
Gerard Depardieu (1990)Title Character
Johnny Depp (2003)Captain Jack Sparrow
Johnny Depp (2004)J.M. Barrie
Johnny Depp (2007)Title Character
Bruce Dern (2013)Woodrow 'Woody' Grant
Leonardo DiCaprio (2004)Howard Hughes
Leonardo DiCaprio (2006)Danny Archer
Leonardo DiCaprio (2013)Jordan Belfort
Leonardo DiCaprio (2015)Hugh Glass*
Richard Dix (1930)Yancey Cravat
Robert Donat (1938)Dr. Andrew Manson
Robert Donat (1939)Title Character*
Kirk Douglas (1949)Michael 'Midge' Kelly
Kirk Douglas (1952)Jonathan Shields
Kirk Douglas (1956)Vincent van Gogh
Melvyn Douglas (1970)Tom Garrison
Michael Douglas (1987)Gordon Gekko*
Robert Downey, Jr. (1992)Title Character
Richard Dreyfuss (1995)Title Character
Richard Dreyfuss (1977)Elliot Garfield*
Jean Dujardin (2011)George Valentin*
Robert Duvall (1980)Lieutenant Colonel Wilbur 'Bull' Meechum
Robert Duvall (1997)Euliss 'Sonny' Dewey
Robert Duvall (1983)Mac Sledge*

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