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QUIZ: Can you name the films for which the actors received their Best Actor Nominations?

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Stephen Rea (1992)Fergus
Robert Redford (1973)Johnny 'Kelly' Hooker
Michael Redgrave (1947)Orin Mannon
Eddie Redmayne (2015)Lili Elbe
Eddie Redmayne (2014)Stephen Hawking*
Jeremy Renner (2009)SFC William James
Cliff Robertson (1968)Title Character*
Mickey Rooney (1939)Mickey Moran
Mickey Rooney (1943)Homey Macauley
Mickey Rourke (2008)Randy 'The Ram' Robinson
Geoffrey Rush (2000)The Marquis de Sade
Geoffrey Rush (1996)David Helfgott*
Roy Scheider (1979)Joe Gideon
Maximilian Schell (1975)Arthur Goldman
Maximilian Schell (1961)Hans Rolfe*
Paul Scofield (1966)Sir Thomas More*
George C. Scott (1971)Dr. Herbert Bock
George C. Scott (1970)Title Character*
Peter Sellers (1964)Title Character/Group Captain Lionel Mandrake/President Merkin Muffley
Peter Selelrs (1979)Chance the Gardener/Chauncey Gardiner
Frank Sinatra (1955)Frankie Machine
Will Smith (2001)Title Character
Will Smith (2006)Chris Gardner
Kevin Spacey (1999)Lester Burnham*
Sylvester Stallone (1976)Title Character
Rod Steiger (1965)Sol Nazerman
Rod Steiger (1967)Police Chief Bill Gillespie*
James Stewart (1939)Title Character
James Stewart (1946)George Bailey
James Stewart (1950)Elwood P. Dowd
James Stewart (1959)Paul Biegler
James Stewart (1940)Macaulay 'Mike' Connor*
Lewis Stone (1928)Count Pahlen
David Strathairn (2005)Edward R. Murrow
Billy Bob Thornton (1996)Karl Childers
Lawrence Tibbett (1929)Yegor
Richard Todd (1949)Corporal Lachlan 'Lachie' MacLachlan
Franchot Tone (1935)Midshipman Roger Byam
Topol (1971)Tevye
Spencer Tracy (1936)Father Tim Mullin
Spencer Tracy (1950)Stanley T. Banks
Spencer Tracy (1955)John J. Macreedy
Spencer Tracy (1958)Title Character
Spencer Tracy (1960)Henry Drummond
Spencer Tracy (1961)Chief Judge Dan Haywood
Spencer Tracy (1967)Matt Drayton
Spencer Tracy (1937)Manuel*
Spencer Tracy (1938)Father Flanagan*
John Travolta (1977)Anthony 'Tony' Manero
John Travolta (1994)Vincent Vega
Massimo Troisi (1995)Mario Ruoppolo
Jon Voight (1969)Joe Buck
Jon Voight (1985)Oscar 'Manny' Manheim
Jon Voight (1978)Luke Martin*
Max von Sydow (1988)Lassefar
Denzel Washington (1992)Title Character
Denzel Washington (1999)Rubin Carter
Denzel Washington (2012)William 'Whip' Whitaker, Sr.
Denzel Washington (2016)Troy Maxson
Denzel Washington (2001)Detective Alonzo Harris*
Sam Waterston (1984)Sydney Schanberg
John Wayne (1949)Sergeant John M. Stryker
John Wayne (1969)Reuben 'Rooster' Cogburn*
Clifton Webb (1948)Lynn Aloysius Belvedere
Orson Welles (1941)Title Character
Oskar Werner (1965)Willie Schumann
Forest Whitaker (2006)Idi Amin*
Stuart Whitman (1961)Jim Fuller
James Whitmore (1975)Harry S. Truman
Cornel Wilde (1945)Frederic Chopin
Tom Wilkinson (2001)Dr. Matt Fowler
Robin Williams (1987)Adrian Cronauer
Robin Williams (1989)John Charles 'Keats' Keating
Robin Williams (1991)Henry 'Parry' Sagan
Paul Winfield (1972)Nathan Lee Morgan
James Woods (1986)Richard Boyle
Monty Woolley (1942)Howard

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