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Can you name the Best Supporting Actress Winners & Nominees (1970-1979)?

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*Airport----Ada Quonsett 
Five Easy Pieces----Rayette Dipesto 
The Landlord----Joyce Enders 
MASH----Margaret O'Houlihan 
Airport----Inez Guerrero 
*The Last Picture Show----Ruth Popper 
Carnal Knowledge----Bobbie 
The Last Picture Show----Lois Farrow 
Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?----Allison Densmore 
The Go-Between----Mrs. Maudsley 
*Butterflies Are Free----Mrs. Baker 
The Heartbreak Kid----Lila Kolodny 
Pete 'n' Tillie----Gertrude Wilson 
Fat City----Oma Lee Greer 
The Poseidon Adventure----Belle Rosen 
*Paper Moon----Addie Loggins 
The Exorcist----Regan MacNeil 
American Graffiti----Debbie Dunham 
Paper Moon----Trixie Delight 
Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams----Mrs. Pritchett 
*Murder on the Orient Express----Greta Ohlsson 
Day for Night----Severine 
Blazing Saddles----Lili von Shtupp 
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore----Florence 'Flo' Castleberry 
The Godfather Part II----Connie Corleone 
*Shampoo----Felicia Karpf 
Nashville----Barbara Jean 
Farewell, My Lovely----Jessie Halstead Florian 
Nashville----Linnea Reese 
Jacqueline Susann's Once Is Not Enough----Linda Riggs 
*Network----Louise Schumacher 
All the President's Men----Judy Hoback 
Taxi Driver----Iris Steensma 
Voyage of the Damned----Lillian Rosen 
Carrie----Margaret White 
The Turning Point----Emilia Rodgers 
The Goodbye Girl----Lucy McFadden 
Close Encounters of the Third Kind----Jillian Guiler 
Looking for Mr. Goodbar----Katherine Dunn 
*California Suite----Diane Barrie 
Heaven Can Wait----Julia Farnsworth 
Coming Home----Vi Munson 
The Deer Hunter----Linda 
*Kramer vs. Kramer----Joanna Stern-Kramer 
Kramer vs. Kramer----Margaret Phelps 
Breaking Away----Evelyn Stoller 
Starting Over----Jessica Potter 

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