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Can you name the Best Supporting Actress Winners & Nominees (1936-1949)?

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*Anthony Adverse----Faith Paleologus 
The Gorgeous Hussy----Rachel Jackson 
My Man Godfrey----Angelica Bullock 
These Three----Mary Tilford 
Dodsworth----Baroness von Obersdorf 
*In Old Chicago----Molly O'Leary 
Stage Door----Kay Hamilton 
Stella Dallas----Laurel 'Lollie' Dallas 
Dead End----Francey 
Night Must Fall----Mrs. Bramson 
*Jezebel----Belle Massey 
Of Human Hearts----Mary Wilkins 
Merrily We Live----Emily Kilbourne 
You Can't Take It With You----Penelope 'Penny' Vanderhof-Sycamore 
The Great Waltz----Carla Donner 
*Gone With the Wind----Mammy 
Gone With the Wind----Melanie Hamilton 
Wuthering Heights----Isabella Linton 
Drums Along the Mohawk----Sarah McKlennar 
Love Affair----Grandmother Janou 
*The Grapes of Wrath----Ma Joad 
Rebecca----Mrs. Danvers 
The Philadelphia Story----Elizabeth Imbrie 
All This, and Heaven Too----Francoise, Duchess de Praslin 
Primrose Path----Mamie Adams 
*The Great Lie----Sandra Kovak 
How Green Was My Valley----Beth Morgan 
The Little Foxes----Birdie Bagtry-Hubbard 
The Little Foxes----Alexandra Giddens 
Sergeant York----Mary Brooks-York 
*Mrs. Miniver----Carol Beldon 
Now, Voyager----Mrs. Vale 
The Magnificent Ambersons----Fanny Minafer 
Random Harvest----Kitty Chilcet 
Mrs. Miniver----Lady Beldon 
*For Whom the Bell Tolls----Pilar 
The Song of Bernadette----Marie Therese Vauzou 
So Proudly We Hail!----Joan O'Doul 
The Song of Bernadette---Louise Casterot-Soubirous 
Watch on the Rhine----Fanny Farrelly 
*None but the Lonely Heart----Ma Mott 
Since You Went Away----Jane Deborah Hilton 
Gaslight----Nancy Oliver 
Dragon Seed----Ling Tan's Wife 
Mrs. Parkington----Aspasia Conti 
*National Velvet----Araminty Brown 
Mildred Pierce----Ida Corwin 
Mildred Pierce----Veda Pierce 
The Picture of Dorian Gray----Sibyl Vane 
The Corn is Green----Bessie Watty 
*The Razor's Edge----Sophie Nelson-MacDonald 
The Spiral Staircase----Mrs. Warren 
Duel in the Sun----Laura Belle McCanles 
Saratoga Trunk----Angelique Buiton 
Anna and the King of Siam----Lady Thiang 
*Gentleman's Agreement----Anne Dettrey 
The Paradine Case----Sophie Horfield 
Crossfire----Ginny Tremaine 
The Egg and I----Ma Kettle 
Gentleman's Agreement----Mrs. Green 
*Key Largo----Gaye Dawn 
I Remember Mama----Katrin Hanson 
I Remember Mama----Trina 
Johnny Belinda----Aggie McDonald 
*All the King's Men----Sadie Burke 
Pinky----Miss Em 
Come to the Stable----Sister Scholastica 
Come to the Stable----Amelia Potts 
Pinky----Dicey Johnson 

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