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Can you name the Best Supporting Actor Winners and Nominees (1936-1949)?

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*Come and Get It----Swan Bostrom 
My Man Godfrey----Carlo 
Pigskin Parade----Amos Dodd 
Romeo and Juliet----Tybalt 
The General Died at Dawn----General Yang 
*The Life of Emile Zola----Captain Alfred Dreyfus 
The Awful Truth----Dan Leeson 
The Hurricane----Dr. Kersaint 
Lost Horizon----Chang 
Topper----Cosmo Topper 
*Kentucky----Peter Goodwin 
Four Daughters----Mickey Borden 
Marie Antoinette----King Louis XVI 
If I Were King----King Louis XI 
*Stagecoach----Dr. Josiah Boone 
Juarez----Emperor Maximilian von Habsburg 
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington----President of the Senate 
Beau Geste----Sergeant Markoff 
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington----Senator Joseph Harrison Paine 
*The Westerner----Judge Roy Bean 
Foreign Correspondent----Van Meer 
They Knew What They Wanted----Joe 
The Great Dictator----Benzini Napaloni 
The Letter----Howard Joyce 
*How Green Was My Valley----Gwilym Morgan 
Sergeant York----Pastor Rosier Pile 
The Devil and Miss Jones----John P. Merrick 
Here Comes Mr. Jordan----Max Corkle 
The Maltese Falcon----Kasper Gutman 
*Johnny Eager----Jeff Hartnett 
Wake Island----Private Aloysius 'Smacksie' Randall 
Yankee Doodle Dandy----Jerry Cohan 
Tortilla Flat----The Pirate 
Mrs. Miniver----James Ballard 
*The More the Merrier----Benjamin Dingle 
The Song of Bernadette----Father Peyramale 
Casablanca----Captain Louis Renault 
For Whom the Bell Tolls----Pablo 
*Going My Way----Father Fitzgibbon 
The Seventh Cross----Paul Roeder 
Mr. Skeffington----Job Skeffington 
Laura----Waldo Lydecker 
Since You Went Away----Colonel William G. Smollett 
*A Tree Grows in Brooklyn----Johnny Nolan 
Spellbound----Dr. Alexander Brulov 
The Corn Is Green----Morgan Evans 
The Story of G.I. Joe----Liuetenant Captain Bill Walker 
A Medal for Benny----Charley Martin 
*The Best Years of Our Lives---Homer Parrish 
The Green Years----Alexander Gow 
The Jolson Story----Steve Martin 
Notorious----Alexander Sebastian 
The Razor's Edge----Elliott Templeton 
*Miracle on 34th Street----Kris Kringle 
The Farmer's Daughter----Joseph Clancy 
Ride the Pink Horse----Pancho 
Kiss of Death----Tommy Udo 
*The Treasure of the Sierra Madre----Howard 
Johnny Belinda----Black McDonald 
Joan of Arc----The Dauphin, Charles VII 
I Remember Mama----Uncle CHris Halverson 
The Luck of the Irish----Horace the Leprechaun 
*Twelve O'Clock High----Major Harvey Stovall 
All the King's Men----Jack Burden 
Champion----Connie Kelly 
The Heiress----Dr. Austin Sloper 
Battleground----Sergeant Kinnie 

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