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Can you name the Best Supporting Actor Oscar Winners and Nominees (1990-1999)?

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*GoodFellas----Tommy DeVito 
Longtime Companion----David 
The Godfather Part III----Vincent Mancini 
Dances with Wolves----Kicking Bird 
Dick Tracy----Alphonse 'Big Boy' Caprice 
*City Slickers----Curly Washburn 
JFK----Clay Shaw 
Bugsy----Mickey Cohen 
Bugsy----Meyer Lansky 
Barton Fink----Jack Lipnick 
*Unforgiven----LIttle Bill Daggett 
The Crying Game----Dil 
A Few Good Men----Colonel Nathan R. Jessep 
Glengarry Glen Ross----Richard 'Ricky' Roma 
Mr. Saturday Night----Stan Young 
*The Fugitive----U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard 
What's Eating Gilbert Grape----Arnie Grape 
Schindler's List----Amon Goeth 
In the Line of Fire----Mitch Leary 
In the Name of the Father----Giuseppe Conlon 
*Ed Wood----Bela Lugosi 
Pulp Fiction----Jules Winnfield 
Bullets Over Broadway----Cheech 
Quiz Show----Mark Van Doren 
Forrest Gump----Lieutenant Dan Taylor 
*The Usual Suspects---Roger 'Verbal' Kint 
Babe----Farmer Arthur Hoggett 
Apollo 13----Gene Kranz 
12 Monkeys----Jeffrey Goines 
Rob Roy----Archibald Cunningham 
*Jerry Maguire----Rod Tidwell 
Fargo----Jerry Lundegaard 
Shine----Peter Helfgott 
Primal Fear----Aaron Stampler 
Ghosts of Mississippi----Byron De La Beckwith 
*Good Will Hunting----Dr. Sean Maguire 
Jackie Brown----Max Cherry 
Amistad----John Quincy Adams 
As Good As It Gets----Simon Bishop 
Boogie Nights----Jack Horner 
*Affliction----Glen Whitehouse 
A Civil Action----Jerome Facher 
The Truman Show----Christof 
Shakespeare in Love----Philip Henslowe 
A Simple Plan----Jacob Mitchell 
*The Cider House Rules----Dr. Wilbur Larch 
Magnolia----Frank T.J. Mackey 
The Green Mile----John Coffey 
The Talented Mr. Ripley----Dickie Greenleaf 
The Sixth Sense----Cole Sear 

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