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1929 (Production)
*D: William A. Wellman, Clara Bow & Charles Rogers 
D: Lewis Mileston, Thomas Meighan & Marie Prevost 
D: Frank Borzage, Janet Gaynor & Charles Farrell 
1929 (Unique and Artistic)
*D: F.W. Murnau, George O'Brien & Janet Gaynor 
D: Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack, Kru & Chantui 
D: King Vidor, Eleanor Boardman & James Murray 
*D: Harry Beaumont, Bessie Love & Charles King 
D: Roland West, Chester Morris & Mae Busch 
D: Charles Reisner, Conrad Nagel & Jack Benny 
D: Irving Cummings, Warner Baxter & Dorothy Burgess 
D: Ernst Lubitsch, Emil Jannings & Florence Vidor 
*D: Lewis Milestone, Lew Ayres & Louis Wolheim 
D: George W. Hill, Chester Morris & Wallace Beery 
D: Alfred E. Green, George Arliss & Doris Lloyd 
D: Robert Z. Leonard, Norma Shearer & Robert Montgomery 
D: Ernst Lubitsch, Maurice Chevalier & Jeanette MacDonald 
*D: Wesley Ruggles, Richard Dix & Irene Dunne 
D: Frank Lloyd, Ann Harding & Clive Brook 
D: Lewis Milestone, Adolphe Menjou & Mary Brian 
D: Norman Taurog, Jackie Cooper & Mitzi Green 
D: W.S. Van Dyke, Harry Carey & Edwina Booth 
*D: Edmund Goulding, Greta Garbo & John Barrymore 
D: John Ford, Ronald Colman & Helen Hayes 
D: Frank Borzage, James Sunn & Sally Eilers 
D: King Vidor, Wallace Beery & Irene Rich 
D: Mervyn LeRoy, Edward G. Robinson & Marian Marsh 
D: Ernest Lubitsch, Maurice Chevalier & Jeanette MacDonald 
D: Josef von Sternberg, Marlene Dietrich & Clive Brook 
D: Ernst Lubitsch, Maurice Chevalier, Claudette Colbert 
*D: Frank Lloyd, Diana Wynyard & Clive Brook 
D: Lloyd Bacon, Warner Baxter & Bebe Daniels 
D: Frank Borzage, Gary Cooper & Helen Hayes 
D: Mervyn LeRoy, Paul Muni & Glenda Farrell 
D: Frank Capra, Warren William & May Robson 
D: George Cukor, Katharine Hepburn & Joan Bennett 
D: Alexander Korda, Charles Laughton & Robert Donat 
D: Lowell Sherman, Mae West & Cary Grant 
D: Sidney Franklin, Norma Shearer & Fredric March 
D: Henry King, Janet Gaynor & Will Rogers 
*D: Frank Capra, Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert 
D: Sidney Franklin, Norma Shearer & Fredric March 
D: Cecil B. DeMille, Claudette Colbert & Warren William 
D: Frank Borzage, Dick Powell & Ruby Keeler 
D: Mark Sandrich, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers 
D: Lloyd Bacon, James Cagney & Gloria Stuart 
D: Alfred L. Werker, George Arliss & Loretta Young 
D: John M. Stahl, Claudette Colbert & Warren William 
D: Victor Schertzinger, Grace Moore & Tullio Carminati 
D: W.S. Van Dyke, William Powell & Myrne Loy 
D: Jack Conway, Wallace Beery & Fay Wray 
D: Irving Cumming, Loretta Young & John Boles 
*D: Frank Lloyd, Charles Laughton & Clark Gable 
D: George Stevens, Katharine Hepburn & Fred MacMurray 
D: Roy Del Ruth, Jack Benny & Eleanor Powell 
D: Michael Curtiz, Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland 
D: George Cukor, Freddie Bartholomew & Frank Lawton 
D: John Ford, Victor McLaglen & Heather Angel 
D: Richard Boleslawski, Fredric March & Charles Laughton 
D: Henry Hathaway, Gary Cooper & Franchot Tone 
D: William Dieterle & Max Reinhardt, James Cagney & Dick Powell 
Robert Z. Leonard, Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy 
D: Leo McCarey, Charles Laughton, Mary Boland 
D: Mark Sandrich, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers 
*D: Robert Z. Leonard, William Powell & Myrna Loy 
D: Mervyn LeRoy, Fredric March & Olivia de Havilland 
D: William Wyler, Walter Huston & Ruth Chatterton 
D: Jack Conway, Jean Harlow & William Powell 
D: Frank Capra, Gary Cooper & Jean Arthur 
D: George Cukor, Norma Shearer & Leslie Howard 
D: W.S. Van Dyke, Clark Gable & Jeanette MacDonald 
D: William Dieterle, Paul Muni & Josephine Hutchinson 
D: Jack Conway, Ronald Colman & Elizabeth Allan 
D: Henry Koster, Binnie Barnes & Charles Winninger 
*D: William Dieterle, Paul Muni & Gale Sondergaard 
D: Leo McCarey, Irene Dunne & Cary Grant 
D: Victor Fleming, Spencer Tracy & Freddie Bartholomew 
D: William Wyler, Sylvia Sidney & Joel McCrea 
D: Sidney Franklin, Paul Muni & Luise Rainer 
D: Henry King, Tyrone Power & Alice Faye 
D: Frank Capra, Ronald Colman & Jane Wyatt 
D: Henry Koster, Deanna Durbin & Adolphe Menjou 
D: Gregory La Cava, Katharine Hepburn & Ginger Rogers 
D: William A. Wellman, Janet Gaynor & Fredric March 
*D: Frank Capra, Jean Arthur & James Stewart 
D: Michael Curtiz & William Keighley, Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland 
D: Henry King, Tyrone Power & Alice Faye 
D: Norman Taurog, Spencer Tracy & Mickey Rooney 
D: King Vidor, Robert Donat & Rosalind Russell 
D: Michael Curtiz, Claude Rains & John Garfield 
D: Jean Renoir, Jean Gabin & Dita Parlo 
D: William Wyler, Bette Davis & Henry Fonda 
D: Anthony Asquith & Leslie Howard, Leslie Howard & Wendy Hiller 
D: Victor Fleming, Clark Gable & Myrna Loy 

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