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Can you name the Best Actress Oscar Winners and Nominees (1928-1939)?

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*7th Heaven/Street Angel/Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans----Diane/Angela/The Wife 
A Ship Comes In----Mrs. Pleznik 
Sadie Thompson----Sadie Thompson 
*Coquette----Norma Besant 
Madame X----Jacqueline Floriot 
The Barker----Carrie 
The Letter----Leslie Crosbie 
The Devine Lady----Emma Hamilton 
The Broadway Melody----Hank Mahoney 
*The Divorcee----Jerry Bernard Martin 
The Devil's Holiday----Hallie Hobart 
Sarah and Son----Sarah Storm 
Anna Christie Romance----Anna Christie Madame Rita Cavallini 
Their Own Desire----Lucia Marlett 
The Trespasser----Marion Donnell 
*Min and Bill----Min Divot 
Morocco----Mademoiselle Amy Jolly 
Cimarron----Sabra Cravat 
Holiday----Linda Seton 
A Free Soul----Jan Ashe 
*The Sin of Madelon Claudet----Madelon Claudet 
Emma----Emma Thatcher 
The Guardsman----The Actress 
*Morning Glory----Eva Lovelace 
Lady for a Day----Apple Annie 
Cavalcade----Jane Marryot 
*It Happened One Night----Ellie Andrews 
One Night of Love----Mary Barrett 
The Barretts of Wimpole Street----Elizabeth Barrett 
Of Human Bondage----Mildred Rogers 
*Dangerous----Joyce Heath 
Escape Me Never----Gemma Jones 
Private Worlds----Jane Everest 
Alice Adams----Alice Adams 
Becky Sharp----Becky Sharp 
The Dark Angel----Kitty Vane 
*The Great Ziegfeld----Anna Held 
Theodora Goes Wild----Theodora Lynn 
Valiant Is the Word for Carrie----Carrie Snyder 
My Man Godfrey----Irene Bullock 
Romeo and Juliet----Juliet Capulet 
*The Good Earth----O-Lan 
The Awful Truth----Lucy Warriner 
Camille----Marguerite Gautier 
A Star Is Born----Esther Victoria Blodgett/Vicki Lester 
Stella Dallas----Stella Martin Dallas 
*Jezebel----Julie Marsden 
White Banners----Hannah Parmalee 
Pygmalion----Eliza Doolittle 
Marie Antoinette----Marie Antoinette 
Three Comrades----Patricia 'Pat' Hollmann 
*Gone with the Wind----Scarlett O'Hara 
Dark Victory----Judith Traherne 
Love Affair----Terry McKay 
Ninotchka----Nina Yakushova 'Ninotchka' Ivanoff 
Goodbye, Mr. Chips----Katherine Bridges 

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