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The Alleged Country of Origin of Ramen
Noodle Slurpers Who Have Made Ramen Their Own
An item often sold alongside ramen noodles
Special ingredient that gives ramen its distinctive color and chewy texture
Thinly sliced oinker-- a popular ramen staple
The Inventor of Instant Noodles
Said Inventor's Company
A pale and light ramen made of salt and a combination of vegetables, chicken, seaweed, and fish
Juzo Itami's Popular 'Noodle Western'
A thick and hearty broth that originated in Hokkaido-- stick to your ribs ramen!
A clear brown ramen broth flavored liberally with an ubiquitous Japanese condiment
Proper ramen ettiquette
a dish of chilled ramen popular in the summertime
a relative of ramen-- thick noodles are cooked in a thick and starchy broth-- it was originally invented to feed hungry students cheaply, experts say
A nutritional problem with ramen
The Korean Version of Ramen
A mainstay of US college students
a ramen condiment made from lactate-fermented bamboo
The ramen museum in Japan
Ramen dispensers in Akibahara
A popular pickled ramen topping
A speciality of Kyushu using pork bones
Hand-pulled Chinese noodles that are probably the ancestors of ramen noodles

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