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Can you name the answer these questions based around the The Walking Dead TV series?

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Season 1
What is the name of Morgan's wife who he attempts to shoot but cannot bring himself to do? 
Who does Shane beat to a pulp after he slaps his wife? 
Amy and Andrea are on the lake when they discover that father taught them different what for fishing? 
Who is the leader of the Vatos? 
Who sees Shane take aim at Rick in the bushes? 
Carol hands what to Rick helping the group being able to escape the CDC? 
Season 2
Carl is accidentally shot after Otis kills what type of animal? 
What does Daryl give to Carol to make her feel better about Sophia being missing? 
To which state does Dave say trains are heading out to for escape from the walker threat? 
In what does Maggie put an egg before hitting Glenn with it? 
Shane is trapped inside of what, where he resigns to his death, until Rick saves him? 
What does Daryl say to Dale before he puts him out of his misery? 
Season 3
Which body part of Hershel's is bitten by a lying walker? 
What weapon does Haley try and teach Andrea to use at Woodbury? 
What is the name of The Governor's daughter that he keeps hidden in his room? 
Michonne goes back into the cafe for a picture of the Grimes family and a multi-coloured decoration of which animal? 
Who makes the decision to take Michonne to The Governor without Rick and the rest of the group knowing? 
Which tool did Milton leave for Andrea to use to escape from the chair? 
Season 4
What is the name of the boyfriend of Beth that dies during the run in the supermarket? 
The Governor takes what name after he sees it written on a barn? 
What does Meghan lift from the mud she was playing in that reveals a walker which kills her? 
Who is with Glenn when Abraham, Eugene and Rosita find them on the side of the road? 
Carol and Tyreese are doing what together when Carol admits that she kills Karen? 
Rick bites Joe where to free him from Joe's grip? 
Season 5
What is the name of Gareth's mother, who Carol shoots and leaves to be devoured by walkers? 
What does Eugene put inside of the engine that makes it explode? 
Rick tells who to 'shut up' following both hitting him with a car and shooting him in the head? 
Who hallucinates dead characters such as Bob, Beth and The Governor as they bled out? 
Aaron is forced to each what foodstuff to prove it is not poisoned? He initially refuses because his mother force him to eat it despite not enjoying it. 
Who asks Reg to teach him about architecture so he can help keep the walls of Alexandria standing? 
Season 6
Which group attacks Alexandria while Rick and others are leading a walker herd away? 
Nicholas says what to Glenn before he commits suicide? 
Morgan learns what martial art following the training by Eastman? 
Which disease does Tina have, which leads to Daryl returning the medicine to her, Dwight and Sherry? 
Who shoots Carl in the eye? 
Who is cutting Maggie's hair when she collapses because of the pain caused by her pregnancy? 
Season 7
Who kills Abraham and Glenn? 
What was King Ezekiel's job before the walker outbreak? 
What is the name of the leader of the Oceanside group? 
In order to get Rick to the top of the arena, Jadis tells Tamiel and Brion to show Rick what? 
Which member of The Kingdom does Morgan strangle in front of Gavin and other Saviors? 
What does Eugene give to Sasha for the journey from The Sanctuary to Alexandria? 

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