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Can you name the Ratites of the World (Without Tinamous)?

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FamilySpecies NameScientific Name
StruthionidaeStruthio camelus
StruthionidaeStruthio molybdophanes
RheidaeRhea americana
RheidaeRhea pennata
ApterygidaeApteryx haastii
ApterygidaeApteryx owenii
ApterygidaeApteryx rowi
FamilySpecies NameScientific Name
ApterygidaeApteryx australis
ApterygidaeApteryx mantelli
CasuariidaeCasuarius casuarius
CasuariidaeCasuarius bennetti
CasuariidaeCasuarius unappendiculatus
DromaiidaeDromaius novaehollandiae

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