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Can you name the Ratites of the world?

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FamilySpecies NameScientific Name
StruthionidaeStruthio Camelus
StruthionidaeStruthio molybdophanes
RheidaeRhea americana
RheidaeRhea pennata
TinamidaeTinamus guttatus
TinamidaeTinamus tao
TinamidaeTinamus solitarius
TinamidaeTinamus osgoodi
TinamidaeTinamus major
TinamidaeNothocercus bonapartei
TinamidaeNothocercus julius
TinamidaeNothocercus nigrocapillus
TinamidaeCrypturellus berlepschi
TinamidaeCrypturellus soui
TinamidaeCrypturellus cinereus
TinamidaeCrypturellus ptaritepui
TinamidaeCrypturellus obsoletus
TinamidaeCrypturellus undulatus
TinamidaeCrypturellus transfasciatus
TinamidaeCrypturellus strigulosus
TinamidaeCrypturellus duidae
TinamidaeCrypturellus erythropus
TinamidaeCrypturellus noctivagus
TinamidaeCrypturellus atrocapillus
TinamidaeCrypturellus cinnamomeus
TinamidaeCrypturellus boucardi
TinamidaeCrypturellus kerriae
TinamidaeCrypturellus variegatus
TinamidaeCrypturellus brevirostris
TinamidaeCrypturellus bartletti
FamilySpecies NameScientific Name
TinamidaeCrypturellus parvirostris
TinamidaeCrypturellus casiquiare
TinamidaeCrypturellus tataupa
TinamidaeRhynchotus rufescens
TinamidaeRhynchotus maculicollis
TinamidaeNothoprocta taczanowskii
TinamidaeNothoprocta ornata
TinamidaeNothoprocta perdicaria
TinamidaeNothoprocta cinerascens
TinamidaeNothoprocta pentlandii
TinamidaeNothoprocta curvirostris
TinamidaeNothura boraquira
TinamidaeNothura minor
TinamidaeNothura darwinii
TinamidaeNothura maculosa
TinamidaeNothura chacoensis
TinamidaeTaoniscus nanus
TinamidaeEudromia elegans
TinamidaeEudromia formosa
TinamidaeTinamotis pentlandii
TinamidaeTinamotis ingoufi
ApterygidaeApteryx haastii
ApterygidaeApteryx owenii
ApterygidaeApteryx rowi
ApterygidaeApteryx australis
ApterygidaeApteryx mantelli
CasuariidaeCasuarius casuarius
CasuariidaeCasuarius bennetti
CasuariidaeCasuarius unappendiculatus
DromaiidaeDromaius novaehollandiae

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