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Opening LyricsSongArtist
Talking away, I don't know what I'm to say, I'll say it anyway
On the first part of the journey, I was looking at all the life
Here come old flattop, he come grooving up slowly
Deep down Louisiana close to New Orleans, way back up in the woods among the evergreens
Once I had a love and it was a gas, soon turned out had a [Song Title]
I got my head checked, by a jumbo jet, it wasn't easy, but nothing is, no
Tommy used to work on the docks, union's been on strike
Ground Control to Major Tom, Ground Control to Major Tom, take your protein pills and put your helmet on
Dear, I fear we're facing a problem, you love me no longer, I know
Her hair is Harlowe gold, her lips sweet surprise
Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again
You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar
There must be some way out of here,' said the joker to the thief
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that's alright because I like the way it hurts
We're leaving together but still it's farewell, and maybe we'll come back to earth, who can tell?
How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down into my core where I've become so
Can you feel it, see it, hear it today? If you can't, then it doesn't matter anyway
I gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over
Robert's got a quick hand, he'll look around the room, he won't tell you his plan
Look up on the wall, there on the floor, under the pillow, behind the door
[Song Title], oh baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more
You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you
I'm waking up to ash and dust, I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
As he came into the window, it was the sound of a crescendo
Coming out of my cage, and I've been doing just fine, gotta gotta be down, because I want it all
Opening LyricsSongArtist
I've been roaming around, always looking down at all I see
You show us everything you've got, you keep on dancing and the room gets hot
I made it through the wilderness, somehow I made it through
Easy come, easy go, that's just how you live, oh take, take, take it all but you never give
I feel so unsure, as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
You're keeping in step In the line, got your chin held high and you feel just fine
It's been seven hours and fifteen days, since you took your love away
We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control
Just a castaway an island lost at sea, another lonely day with no one here but me
As the snow flies, on a cold and gray Chicago mornin', a poor little baby child is born, [Song Title]
Buddy you're a boy make a big noise, playing in the street gonna be a big man some day
So no one told you life was gonna be this way, your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D O A
Know it sounds funny, but I just can't stand the pain, girl I'm leaving you tomorrow, seems to me girl you know I've done all I can
It's early morning, the sun comes out, last night was shaking, and pretty loud
You keep saying, you got something for me, something you call love but confess
I am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar, I am the son and heir of nothing in particular
Thank you for coming home, I'm sorry that the chairs are all worn
Turnaround, every now and then I get a little bit lonely, and you're never coming round
Baby, can't you see, I'm calling, a guy like you, should wear a warning
Rising up, back on the street, did my time, took my chances
Friends say it's fine, friends say it's good, everybody says it's just like Robin Hood
I hear the drums echoing tonight, but she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation
See the stone set in your eyes, see the thorn twist in your side, I'll wait for you
'Cause it's a [Song Title], this life, try to make ends meet, you're a slave to money then you die
No one knows what it's like, to be the bad man, to be the sad man

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